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Month: June 2015

5 Retail Security Tips to Prevent Shoplifting

There are an estimated 27 million shoplifters in the U.S., according to the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention. This means that 1 out of every 11 people is a shoplifter.
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Benefits of a Mobile Integration for CCTV

A security system is essential to protecting a business’s assets, especially in the summer months when burglaries are most common. But consider this: according to Crime Doctor, the vast majority
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Access Control Systems: How Can They Help?

Although there are many types of business security systems on the market today, if you are looking for the most innovative, look no further than access control systems. This type
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4 security threats to pay attention to in Nashville

4 Security Threats That Go Ignored

Cybersecurity is of increasing importance as technology continues to flourish and change the world in which we live. With every new creation, there is always a period of tweaks and
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