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Bank and Financial Industries

Although many financial institutes and banks fall under the “commercial business” industry, we felt it was necessary to dive deeper into the security specifications for the financial industry on its own. With exponentially high-valued assets and immense sensitive data and files, the security measures within the banking world need to be unprecedented, effective and properly installed. In the United States, the financial industry sits at the top of the list as the country ’s largest and most profitable sector. In combination, these industries rounded up 2017 with earning $1.45 trillion in gross national product.

Some of the main financial businesses include:

  • Banks (personal banking and commercial)
  • Investment Funds Businesses
  • Insurance Companies
  • Real Estate Agencies (including property management)
  • Funds Management Facilities
  • Student Loan organizations
  • Hedge funds facilities and operators
  • Bail Bonds facilities

Recommended Security Systems for Financial Institutes

As prime targets for armed robberies and similar threats, financial institutes need to go above and beyond the standard security system. With high-valued assets and an abundance of extremely sensitive data, there are a handful of security measures that should be implemented within your business.

Access Control System

The most convenient and effective way to secure the entrance, as well as, areas throughout your building is the use of an access control system. With access control technology you have ultimate control over who has admittance into your building. You also can easily assign specified authorization for employees and guests. This is a critical benefit for financial institutes given the different clearance levels, positions and the number of outside guests.

It’s obvious that banks and insurance institutes should implement security measures that will provide the utmost protection for sensitive data; however, another financial business that benefits greatly from an access control system is the real estate and rental property sector. In Nashville, the amount of investment properties has grown exponentially in the past decade allowing an abundance of short term and long term rental spaces to become available. The most difficult obstacle many property managers face is the constant changing of residency and guests. With a keyless entry property management companies can add and delete entrances as guests come and go. This eliminates the possibility of keys being copied and taken advantage of and takes away the headache of installing new locks after each residency.

HDCCTV Surveillance System

A high-tech surveillance security camera system holds many advantages for businesses within the financial industry. Our high definition closed circuit television technology allows the security camera system to record footage in real-time. This lets you monitor your property whether you’re physically there or not.

Some key beneficial traits of HDCCTV security cameras within your financial institute include:

  • Constant and accurate monitoring of your business 24/7
  • Deter theft and criminals from threatening your establishment
  • Clear images allowing unwavering identification. With fraud being a primary crime within these businesses, proper identification when investigating these cases is critical. You can review footage without question due to these high definition images.
  • Mobile integration creates a seamless ability to keep an eye on your property before, during and after business hours.
  • Adaptability allows the security cameras to capture pristine images even if the lighting isn’t perfect
Shot Detection Technology

If you look at crime movies the first thing armed robbers go for are banks and other financial institutes with an abundance of money and expensive assets. In reality, these movies aren’t far from the truth. In 2016 there were over four thousand bank robberies and the number continues to grow as criminals become more stealthy and even more violent. With the Guardian Active Indoor Shot Detection technology, there is an instantaneous response to any gunfire thanks to acoustic gunshot identification software and infrared gunfire flash detection software. Don’t overlook the possibility of your financial institute being a target for gun violence and robbery. Protect your business, employees, and assets by implementing a shot detection system.

Rapid Deployment Unit

Layering security systems throughout your establishment will set you up for steadfast protection. Herring Technology’s rapid deployment unit is an added security measure that works in correlation with your surveillance camera system. This security equipment is ideal for when you can’t always physically monitor your property. For financial institutes, this could include after business hours, holidays and extended weekends. Our mobile cam (MCT 1200) comes equipped with a variety of functions all pertaining to deeper and more effective surveillance and security. Never feel like you’re leaving you financial business unmonitored again with the rapid deployment unit security system. 24/7 surveillance, 360-degree radius of protected coverage and convenient mobile control, making this a must-have security measure for any business in (and out of) the financial industry.

Herring Technology Security Provider in Middle Tennessee

Ensure your financial institute and assets are constantly secured and monitored by installing a combination of security systems. Contact us today to speak with a security expert and begin a custom design fit for your business.