Educational Facilities

Unfortunately, in today’s world, the violence we see being reported is often occurring within an educational setting such as school grounds and college campuses. Each time another violent incident occurs it should be a reminder of how crucial it is to have effective protective technology within your facilities, and how implementing these advances can truly save lives. Within the education industry, there are a variety of businesses and facilities all of which need to have a secure environment for continued success and safe day-to-day operations.

Some education oriented facilities that require proper, advanced security systems include:

  • K-12 school systems, public and private
  • College campuses and universities
  • School Administrative buildings
  • Libraries
  • Learning Centers
  • Vocational education facilities

Majority of these properties are occupied by a mix of children, adolescents, and adults. The combination creates the need for a well-designed and intricate security plan to protect all on-goers. It’s also paramount to ensure a smooth transition with little to no intrusive installation process or overwhelming security technology presence. Although security personnel are being utilized more often within school systems and heavier numbers of campus police officers are on duty at a time, that still isn’t enough. Their presence can also disrupt the atmosphere of what’s supposed to be a seamlessly safe and focused learning environment.

School Security Systems in Nashville TN

Recommended Security Systems for Educational Facilities

Herring Technology is a team of talented, highly trained and certified security providers and protecting our educational facilities and students is a top priority. We have partnered with the most prestigious and reliable security technology in order to deliver each client the utmost protection. For education-based properties, especially school systems, we recommend multiple systems that work in correlation with each other to deliver steadfast security.

Fire Detection System

One of the most universal security systems within schools and other educational facilities is a fire detection system. However, the technology behind this safety measure has advanced dramatically in the past decade. When dealing with a school environment you must take into account the amount of people within the building all ranging in age and ability. This means being proactive, implementing strategic plans and installing a proper fire detection system is vital in ensuring the safety of all within your school.

Access Control System

Administrative buildings are a major sector of the education industry. With endless records containing sensitive information, it’s important to keep a controlled, secure environment. With an access control system, you can customize authorization levels for employees and guests. Many visitors come in and out of these educational facilities countless times throughout the day, with this security system you can rest assure that only those you allow will have admittance into the building. Another unique aspect of educational facilities like schools are the wondering children who may or may not understand “restricted areas.” To deter any curiosity leading a student astray, secure all doors within the building with keyless entry so you know only administrative and authorized figures are allowed in certain areas.

Shot Detection System

With gun violence wreaking havoc, especially on school systems it’s pertinent that you equip your campus, school grounds and other educational facilities with the proper security to protect against these heinous acts. We are proud to bring you the latest in shot detection technology through our partnership with Shooter Detection Systems (SDS). With the Guardian Indoor Active Shot Detection System gunshots are immediately detected through acoustic gunshot identification software and infrared gunfire flash detection. This highly responsive technology is the security tool your school needs in order to proactively prepare for possible gun violence.

HDCCTV Surveillance Security Camera System

All of these security systems work best when incorporated with one another; working in a constant, cohesive manner to protect your school. A crucial component to your school’s and campus’s security system is the installation of an HDCCTV surveillance security camera system. With this advanced recording technology, you will have the tools you need to keep an eye on your premises 24/7/. The closed circuit system records and monitors real-time activity within your school system. There are a few key benefits to utilizing this security camera system.

  • Extended amount of footage can be recorded and stored. This helps deviate from ambiguous incidents that occur often within schools (i.e fights, theft, misbehaving). Have the proof at your fingertips
  • High definition technology creates clear images allowing an even easier time when it comes to identification and clarification. This also eliminates the possibility of distorted images due to lighting. Dimly lit areas are recorded clearly as well.
  • Mobile integration gives you the ultimate control over your security camera system before and after staff and students are there. This is also convenient for school vacations because you can always access the footage no matter where you are. Protection 24/7

We also recommend for college campuses and universities, as well as, K-12 school systems on spacious grounds to consult with Herring Technology on custom designing a perimeter security system. Minimize entrance points and create an initial line of defense against outside threats for your facility with different layers of security like a perimeter system.

Herring Technology Security Provider in Middle Tennessee

The education industry is a vital sector within our economy and the continued growth of our youth and overall communities. In Nashville alone we have a handful of college campuses, as well as, countless public and private schools. Not to mention numerous educational facilities such as tutor centers and administrative buildings. Taking this all into account, our Herring Technology team can offer your school a highly effective security system allowing your students and staff to simply worry about learning