Nashville, Tennessee is a mecca of industries and economic diversity. From small business firms to major financial agencies and everything in between; but there is one industry that takes the cake and it’s not music production. The largest industry currently in Nashville is the healthcare industry. Leading as the nation’s health care center, the number of healthcare facilities and associations rises weekly. Contributing over $40 billion to the economy and employing more than 200 thousand people in the metro area these businesses require the most advanced security technology for many crucial reasons.

Some businesses that fall under the healthcare sector that absolutely need a security package are:

  • General medical and surgical hospitals
  • Psychiatric Facilities
  • Rehabilitation Facilities
  • Clinics (i.e Family Planning, Outpatient Care, Dental Offices, Blood and Organ Bank)
  • Nursing and Assisted Living Homes
  • Medical Devices, Equipment and Hospital Supplies Manufacturers
  • Health and Medical Insurance Companies
  • Pharmaceutical Facilities
Security Systems for Healthcare Facilities in Nashville

Recommended Security Systems for Facilities in the Healthcare Industry

With numerous industries within the major sectors of health care, the security needs vary but all require the same protective baseline. When dealing with healthcare and medical practice facilities there is a critical need to protect sensitive data and information pertaining to patients and research.

The best way to ensure a secure workplace in the Healthcare industry, Herring Technology recommends a security package implementing the following security systems.

Access Control System

Access control systemsbenefit many different businesses and industries, however, it is a vital piece of security technology within healthcare oriented facilities. The biggest advantage to installing an access control system is the unwavering security of sensitive data and files. With this security system, you can utilize keyless entry and specified clearance levels for every individual employee and guest. This authorized entrance benefit can protect many healthcare businesses from breaching information on patients or medical developments.

Some key access control system benefits for healthcare are:

  • Individual clearance level authorization admittance
  • Monitored traffic in and out of the building
  • Keyless entry for protected access to property without identification
  • Time logging records
  • Easy to delete employees/guest out of system
Surveillance Security Camera System

Security cameras have come a very long way in the past decade, past five years even. With high definition pictures and closed-circuit television technology, the ease and accessibility of surveillance security is at your fingertips. There are many advances in the camera’s technology, as well as, control over the system making it a prime security system for businesses in the healthcare industry. In hospitals, you have patients that need to be cared for 24 hours a day and the nurses and doctors need to have a reliable monitoring system. Implementing an HDCCTV security camera system also protects employees who work the graveyard shift or other scarcely staffed and monitored hours. Ambiguity and healthcare do not coincide so eliminate the possibility of the unknown by properly monitoring your property 24/7.

Shot Detection Technology

At Herring Technology we expanded our security systems so we could continue to provide our customers with the most advanced security technology. That is why we partnered with Shooter Detection Systems (SDS) to offer the Guardian Indoor Active Shot Detection System. With gun violence becoming a prominent problem throughout our nation it’s important to proactively prepare for these intense and destructive potential incidents.

Within the healthcare industry, there are businesses that conduct rehabilitation services for individuals with severe addictions and other sometimes hostile recoveries like PTSD patients, those suffering from mental illnesses who may be prone to violence. With all of these cases, protecting your doctors, nurses, caretaker, psychiatrists (etc.) is crucial, especially with flight-risk patients. Unfortunately, some patients lose control of their rational thinking and violence can occur. In order to deter detrimental injury and damages, the shot detection system is a key piece of your security plan.

Fire Detection Systems

With chemicals, technology, and varying medical research facilities, unprompted fires can and do occur throughout healthcare facilities. These facilities all carry an abundance of highly flammable and explosive tools, liquids, and equipment. That means updating the fire detection system within your hospital, pharmaceutical facility or nursing home is a vital component in protecting your patients, employees, and property. Another major element of fire damage is the smoke inhalation. When dealing with ill patients who have weakened immune systems, or a new mother and baby, or the elderly in assisted living, smoke damage can be serious, even fatal. By implementing a state-of-the-art fire detection system you are upping the ability for early detection and limiting the spread of a fire within your healthcare facility.

Again, the major benefits of securing your healthcare property with a fire detection system are:

  • Protect patients from exposure to smoke inhalation
  • Early detection to limit the spread of fire and allow time to assemble patients and employees to exit
  • Protect possible explosion due to open flames or smoke coming in contact with highly flammable chemicals and equipment

Herring Technology Security Provider in Middle Tennessee

As the healthcare industry continues to grow and flourish in Nashville, we strive to implement advanced and highly effective security systems throughout all healthcare facilities. We can help protect your staff, patients and assets. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and we can begin to custom design a security system fit for your establishment.