Industrial Properties and Businesses

Industrial properties such as construction sites and warehouses lack advanced security systems. Given the nature of these environments many times the need is overlooked; however, these premises are left unattended for extended periods of time. With that factor, it’s crucial to implement new, updated security measures within your industrial building and its surroundings. Ensure the utmost protection with a combination of outdoor and internal security systems each equip for effectiveness and convenience.

Some industrial properties that should require advanced security systems include:

  • Construction sites
  • Warehouses
  • Manufacturing buildings
  • Research and development parks
  • Industrial park
  • Distribution centers
Security Systems for Industrial Businesses in Nashville TN

Recommended Security Systems for Industrial Properties and Businesses

Without these industrial properties, our global economy would cease to function. Landing a spot in the top five industries that drive our economy, it is critical to protecting these properties in order to keep everything operating smoothly. If a crime occurs within these industrial properties there is serious backlash not just for the owner of the business and their employees. There is a detrimental chain reaction that can and does occur if these areas are not properly protected.

Perimeter Security System

The first layer of defense against outside threats is the use of a perimeter security system. Herring Technology can consult, analyze and custom design a perimeter security system fit for your industrial property. Many times construction sites will have days, sometimes weeks, where the operators will not be on the premise. To counter criminals seeing this as an opportunity to steal or vandalize, create a protected border with a security gate system.

This security measure allows constant protection and surveillance without you stepping foot on the property. A perimeter security system can also help cut costs on hiring security personnel. Integrate your security gate seamlessly with an access control system and now you not only have a physically guarded environment, but you can also track who comes and goes. You also can authorize certain workers clearance to specified locations. Allowing locations like offices within the property to remain secure.

HDCCTV Surveillance Security Cameras

In combination with your security perimeter gate, a high-tech surveillance security camera system is a vital component in securing your business and property. By integrating this technology into your security gate, you will have more control over monitoring your industrial property. With employees and guests constantly coming and going it’s important to monitor and be able to properly identify anyone that enters or exits your property.

Some key benefits to installing an high-definition closed circuit television security camera system are:

  • Mobile integration allows constant monitoring and remote access to control your security cameras even when you cannot physically be there
  • Low-light adaptability
  • High definition imaging and footage for proper identification
  • Monitor employees performances. This is crucial because many of these industrial sites deal with high-risk equipment. Make sure all of your employees are meeting safety criteria and if an incident is to occur you have unwavering footage to review and resolve the issue
Rapid Deployment Unit

Many construction sites and distribution centers, among other industrial businesses, span across a spacious amount of land and have a lot of unmonitored spaces. Although our HDCCTV surveillance cameras allow constant, effective monitoring, they can’t always reach the span these properties reach. Because of that factor, we offer rapid unit deployment technology.

Nashville has the nickname “crane city” due to the increase in construction and property building throughout the city. With all of these construction sites, your security cameras need to reach around the entirety of your property. The rapid deployment unit is a mobile security camera system that can monitor a 360-degree radius allowing no wiggle room for criminals to enter your property. Keep an eye on every inch of your construction site or warehouse with this convenient yet highly effective security system.

Herring Technology Security Provider in Middle Tennessee

As construction sites and industrial businesses continue to grow in Middle Tennessee it’s important to stay up-to-date on your security technology. Speak with one of our security specialists today to custom design all of your security needs from perimeter gates to integrated security cameras and anything you may need in between.