Perimeter and Outdoor Security

Perimeter and Outdoor Security

The mistake many business and property owners make is failing to see the necessity of securing the perimeter of your environment. Outdoor areas such as public parks, arenas, and fairgrounds (among many others) also overlook this need and therefore lack the security imperative for protection. Many of these outdoor areas can go unoccupied for days, sometimes weeks at a time.

For example, an arena isn’t going to be filled with people and able-body security officers at all times. The city park may say “closed after dark,” but many times the city ordinances don’t budget for security shifts on site. With these, you see the open time for threats like vandalism, trespassing, theft and other heinous acts to take occur. Some prominent businesses or properties that highly benefit from a perimeter and outdoor security systems include:

  • Industrial Warehouses and Construction Sites
  • Government Buildings
  • College Campuses
  • Concert Grounds
  • Fairgrounds
  • Arenas
  • City Property (i.e parks)
Perimeter and Outdoor Security Systems in Nashville TN

How to Integrate and Expand Perimeter and Outdoor Security for Businesses and Property Owners

Understanding the necessity for securing the perimeter of your property is just step one. Here in Nashville where there is constant construction, open public park areas throughout the city, numerous arenas and concert venues, we highly recommend installing and/or updating your outdoor security systems. We are more than happy to visit your property to conduct a full security design consultation for your business. A custom perimeter security system can be implemented catering to your business’s specific needs and concerns. Factors such as size, location, number of employees or visitors, and more are taken into consideration to ensure we are supplying you with the highest quality and most efficient security system.

Starting with a perimeter security gate is the most effective way to enclose and secure your property. The best part about installing a Herring perimeter gate is the ability to integrate extensive security measures. This creates layers of defense against criminal threats that can cause serious damage, chaos, and harm to your business, employees, and visitors. Some different security systems that we can install and align with your perimeter gate are:

Access Control System

We can sync your existing access control system or install one with your gate which creates restricted entrances, monitored visitors and specified security clearance levels. By utilizing an access control system within your outdoor security systems will allow you to control entrance to your business without ever having to be physically present.

Remote Access

The biggest downfall to some of these properties, as mentioned, is the lack of people or security personnel. To solve that our perimeter security gate is equipped with remote access. Having a delivery to your warehouse and you’re not in town? Not a problem, you can access your security system and allow access to your property easily and securely.

CCTV Security Camera System

A major component to consider when installing outdoor security is the integration of a surveillance security system. Security cameras are known to ward off and criminals or potential threats and if by the unfortunate chance an incident does occur, you have complete, real-time HD footage to review and conclude from. This is particularly useful for concert arenas, open parks, and industrial businesses when securing your perimeter.

Herring Technology Security Provider in Middle Tennessee

Ensure your property or business is constantly secured and monitored by installing perimeter and outdoor security. Herring can consult, design, create and install a highly advanced, integrated perimeter security system for your property or business in Tennessee.