Church and Religious Congregations

From the dawn of time religion has caused countless battles and war. Although these sanctuaries are peaceful places of worship that doesn’t combat the violent threats that these facilities can, and do, endure. Many of these churches and religious oriented properties lack update technology leaving their premises unsecured and open for potential crime. An analog security camera system does not cut it anymore, nor does an old alarm system. In places like Nashville, we are blessed with an abundance of diverse religious and spiritual facilities and Herring Technology is determined to equip all of these churches with proper security.

Some examples of religious congregations and facilities are:

  • Churches
  • Synagogues
  • Mosques
  • Temples
  • Chapels
  • Clergy Buildings
  • Religious Education[link to education industry page Facilities

Religion is one of the highest contributions to our economy ringing in at a whopping $1.2 trillion dollars worth of socio-economic value. With the large number of churches, places of worship and religious institutes there is a high-risk component you need to control. Protecting your congregation and valuable assets should be at the top of your priority list.

Church Security Systems in Nashville TN

Recommended Security Systems for Religious Congregations

As mentioned, many congregations embrace old-school ways and values, however, your security should not be compromised by outdated systems. Our first and top recommendation regarding security measures for your religious facility is to consult with one of our security experts and complete an assessment on premise. This way we will be able to thoroughly analyze and resolve any risky security factors that could be present.

HDCCTV Surveillance System

Although these holy buildings are meant to be a somber oasis filled with joy and unity, it’s important to still equip your property with effective security measures to counter possible threats. This will protect your congregation and the irreplaceable emblems and assets within your church. Through a security consultation with the Herring Technology team, you can custom design a surveillance system that fits the needs of your church without disrupting the environment.

A few of the key benefits of a surveillance security system within your religious congregation are:

  • Real-time recording allows you to log footage and monitor activity on your property. Many times these churches and other religious buildings are left unattended for extended periods within the day. Counter this emptiness with constant surveillance and protection
  • Deter theft with the presence of surveillance security cameras. Churches, mosques, synagogues, (etc) all possess high-value, and sometimes extremely rare artifacts and religious items that are prime targets for burglars.
  • High definition recording allows clear imaging to identify possible perpetrators of potential theft, vandalism and breaking and entering.
  • Reduce auto-theft threats by installing security cameras to the outside of your church. As your parking lot fills with your congregation coming to worship, criminals know that these cars are left unattended for a decent amount of time. A camera security system will again deter and help identify
Fire Detection System

Many religious sectors incorporate holy candles and other incense into their ceremonies and worship. With open flames and congregations sometimes reaching into the hundreds, fire safety needs to be a priority. An organized, concise exit plan and installation of a high-tech fire detection system are critical in protecting your churchgoers and clergy. The fire detection system is a highly effective way to detect smoke before flames spread. With the system’s immediate response, you can safely get everyone out of the building and avoid further damage to your church and properties.

Perimeter Security

Many establishments overlook the need for perimeter security. We often think people automatically assume that perimeter security requires a big, suppressing gate system that will take away from the open environment you want to put out there. However, perimeter security goes beyond just a gate. Today, our Herring team can custom design and install different means of perimeter security fit for your church.

We believe securing the outside of your property creates an extra layer of protection for your congregation. In Middle Tennessee, many of our churches are substantial in size allowing an abundance of people to gather, but that means lots of traffic and ambiguous entrances. To counter such issues, we recommend a consultation with our security team to create roadblocks, safe and specific entrances, and an overall secure environment from the outside in.

Herring Technology Security Provider in Middle Tennessee

We are proud to be located in the buckle of the bible belt in Middle Tennessee. With over 700 varying religious congregations throughout Nashville alone, we strive to provide all of our community with the perfect protection for their churches. Looking to up your churches security system? Contact us today to schedule a consultation and start custom designing the right way to secure your congregation.