Reduce Theft

Businesses have to consider theft can happen both externally and internally. Keyless access control systems make it harder for someone to intrude on your property lowering the chances of perpetrators successfully stealing from your stock. In the unfortunate instance, there is internal theft the system can narrow the window of who, what, where, and when the robbery took place with recorded data such as entry times and employee names

Secure Sensitive Information

For hospitals, banks, pharmacies, and clinics private and confidential information are required by law to remain private. With an access control system, you can assign different clearance levels for all of your employees. Restricting admittance into areas where classified information is held will limit opportunities for error.

Keyless Entry System

Keyless entry systems are designed to help you understand who is coming and going. Installation of this type of device means you are no longer unaware of strangers entering or leaving the premises. An access control system can identify who and when they entered. If an issue arises and you need to know who was available at the time, your integrated system will provide you with employee names, numbers, and the time they swiped in and out of the building.