Free Security Risk Assessment

Free Security Risk Assessment

Contact Herring Technology’s security consultants today for a free physical security evaluation. Our experienced experts will listen to your concerns while learning more about your business to develop the perfect solution.

Whether it’s assessing current security practices or developing a long-term security strategy, our consultants will serve as your trusted advisors. At Herring Technology, we understand that no two businesses are alike, so we only develop custom physical security solutions that match your needs.

Get Your Free Security Risk Assessment

Your Custom Physical Security Risk Assessment will Include:

A basic evaluation

A basic evaluation of your current security measures that addresses strengths, weaknesses, and areas of improvement

A written evaluation

A written evaluation at the time of assessment


Recommendations in access control, surveillance cameras, intrusion systems, fencing, gates and lighting

Take control of common workplace environment security challenges and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a custom access control system today.

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