From employee theft to burglar break-ins, there are many security threats that businesses face. Security planning is critical to protecting sensitive information, which in turn protects your business.Access control is a form of business security that selectively restricts access to specific rooms and corridors. Since only authorized personnel have access to those areas, you can effectively protect confidential information, accounting paperwork, patient data, filing cabinets, expensive merchandise and more.

Who Needs Access Control?

The top businesses that should consider an access control system include:

  1. Law firms
  2. Investment firms
  3. Government agencies
  4. Law enforcement facilities
  5. Hospitals and clinics
  6. Small industrial firms
  7. Drug and alcohol addiction recovery centers
  8. School systems
  9. Organizations dealing with medical records
  10. And any other business that deals with sensitive information

If your business falls under any of the stated categories, an access control system will provide added protection. Aside from enhancing security planning, access control can even help you meet regulatory compliance standards to keep confidential data secure.

An access control system can be implemented to a number of entry points such as exterior doors, perimeter gates, data closets, classrooms, filing cabinets, storage areas, inventory rooms and accounting departments. Whether it’s a password, code, or keycard, you can effectively authenticate personnel and ensure that only authorized individuals access sensitive parts of your business.

Do I Need Access Control?

Not sure if an access control system is right for your business security plan? If you need to easily manage access credentials, restrict access to sensitive areas, prevent unauthorized visitor access, track entry/exit times by employee or department, perform centralized lockdown in the event of an emergency situation, or improve your business security, then an access control system may be an effective solution.

The benefits impact everyone from your employees to your end-client. With Herring Technology, you have simplified access management that lowers the chance of unauthorized access to confidential information and ensures greater business security.

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