4 measures to secure your business overnight

No matter what type of business you have, having proper security is vital to keeping your employees and your customers safe. According to a report by The Zebra, a break-in occurs every 26 seconds in the US, that’s 2.5 million break-ins every year. Of those break-ins, 34% of them affect small businesses and the average burglary victim loses an average of $2,416.

Luckily, there are a variety of options available for quickly securing your business and keeping it safe from any potential threats.

Here are some ways you can secure your business:

  1. Strategically Place Cameras
  2. Store Security Footage in the Cloud
  3. Lockaway Valuables
  4. Improve Lighting

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Strategically Place Cameras

Studies have shown that using security cameras has reduced crime by 50% and that potential burglars are less likely to break into a business that has visible cameras. While installing security cameras will help you protect your business, you’ll still be susceptible to crime if they’re not strategically placed in the right areas.

Here’s where you should place your cameras:

  • Exits and Entrances: Whether it’s customers or employees, having cameras placed at exits and entrances lets you keep track of anyone who comes into your business. If you have a system with remote access, you’ll also be able to check on your business at any time and alert others of any suspicious activity.
  • Secluded Areas: If you have areas around your business that are secluded like the parking lot or alleyways, it may entice criminals. A Motor Research study found that 80% of vehicle-related thefts happen at night. Research has also found that almost two-thirds of street robberies occur between 3 p.m. and midnight and peak during certain periods like the holidays.
  • Points of Sale: As your point of sale is a high-traffic area, having a camera installed nearby can help deter theft and keep track of those who visit your business.

Store Security Footage in the Cloud

When installing any security camera system with Wi-Fi, you have two options when it comes to storing footage. Local storage lets you save your footage on a device within your network while cloud storage transfers your footage to a server on the cloud which is fully accessible to you at any time from any device. As everything is stored virtually, it makes file sharing easy as you can invite other users. It’s also an automated system so you never have to worry about backing up your files or possibly losing footage from damage like a flood or a fire.

Lockaway Valuables

While it may seem obvious, it’s still possible for you or other employees at your business to forget to lock up valuables if there’s no clear system in place. When closing your business, it’s essential that all cash is taken out and deposited so that if a break-in were to occur, you wouldn’t lose all the money that you made that day.

Improve Lighting

Studies have shown that improving lighting quality can also help with sales and production levels. With bright white lighting, you can draw a person to a specific area or product and create a more welcoming environment. It will also help people find your business at night and make them feel safer. Some lighting options for keeping your business outside after hours include:

  • Motion-Activated Lighting: This is a great low-energy way to keep your business protected. As it detects movement, you can place these lights around entrances and exits or near windows.
  • Flood Lights: These lights have a high intensity and cover a large area. They’re ideal for places like parking lots and alleyways near your business.
  • Outdoor Ceiling Lights: If your business has a parking garage, awnings, or other areas that aren’t prone to light, using outdoor seating lights is a great overhead lighting option that will keep customers safe.

Let Herring Technology Keep Your Business Protected

At Herring Technology, our highly-qualified team of security technology specialists are here to help you and your business with any of your security needs. We’ll work with you to determine your assets, the probability of a threat, and the cost of the loss versus the cost of the security system.

Our security measures include:

  • Access Control Systems
  • Analytics / A.I.
  • Security Cameras / HD CCTV
  • Shot Detection Systems
  • Perimeter Security Systems
  • Security Consulting & Systems Design
  • Temperature Monitoring Videos

Contact us to start protecting your business today.

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