Your business is your brainchild. You dreamed, planned, strategized and created what you affectionately refer to as “your baby.” Your life and time are consumed thinking about how to best plan for the future, how to nurture and grow your business and how to set it up for success.

Like any responsible parent, you know that your business needs protection and security.  You’ve researched and invested in security cameras and HDCCTV, but you can’t help but notice people keep walking through your property, or parking in or driving through your lot during off hours. It makes you think — do I need a security gate?  Here’s 5 reasons why you do need a perimeter security gate.

1. A Gate Limits Access Points to Your Property

Your business can have peace of mind of knowing every one person that comes in and leaves your property. With a gated perimeter security fence you can limit your entrances and exits to one or two distinct places. This has many benefits:

  • Creates a point of focus for security personnel
  • Regulates entrances/exits into your property
  • Keeps out trespassers and passersby
  • Allows you to filter unwanted pitch-men or solicitors
  • Allows you to streamline any deliveries
  • Alerts you that a client/visitor has arrived

2. A Powerful Physical Deterrent to Trespassers

A security fence adds strength to your security cameras. A camera may record and alert, but a gate is an immediate physical barrier that deters trespassers and potential intruders. The very presence of a gate physically slows an intruder/trespasser – and in the case of a robbery every second and minute counts.

Rather than your security being at the very doors of your business, a gate provides just one more barrier to make it that much more difficult for someone to access your business. Think of your security gate and perimeter fence as the modern-day moat – because we know you view your business as your castle.

3. Protects Your Property and Building Image
A gate not only protects against would-be intruders, it also helps keep out unwanted trespassers outside of your operating hours. You want your property to look and be clean, safe and professional.

An un-gated parking lot or property is an invitation to the unwanted “adventurer” or passerby. A security fence can protect against vandalism and unwanted off-hours visitors participating in miscreant activity. It can also keep your property free of litter from passersby.

4. A Perimeter Security Fence Protects Your Assets
The end goal of all security products is to protect. As a business owner, you have many valuable assets that break down into three main categories: your supplies, products and people.

Your employees are your greatest asset – the knowledge that they are in a safe and protected work environment and that there is no worry about their personal items leaves them with peace of mind to focus on what matters most – their work!

Your security gate and perimeter fences even act as protection for your security cameras. Your perimeter security can protect against robbers or vandalizers covering, breaking or even stealing your valuable security equipment.

In the modern era there are emerging threats and security needs – as you think about how you want to protect “your baby,”  it is important to remember that protection of your business’ physical property is still of paramount importance.  And one of the most effective ways of property protection is gated perimeter security.

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