Are you still waiting to invest in a solid business security system? In 2015, resolve to leave behind common business security myths, such as it will never happen to me, and start taking control of your business’s well-being. To help you get going, Herring Technology has compiled a list of the most common business security myths, so you will be better equipped to prevent theft and take action against intruders.

Myth #1: It Will Never Happen to Me

An intrusion occurs every 15 seconds in the U.S., according to the FBI. Many of these intrusions are forcible entries, which could have been prevented by a dependable security system.

As you can imagine, intruders tend to set their sights on easy targets. If your business is one of the many just hoping nothing bad happens, you are leaving your business vulnerable to attack. With 5,400 burglaries occurring each day, you can’t afford to remain idle. Take control of your business’s security and invest in a top notch business security system today.

Myth #2: IP Surveillance Doesn’t Work as Well

IP cameras are reliable and secure and are being used by multitudes of businesses throughout the nation. These servers generally come stocked with authentication filters as well as privacy protection.

One great advantage to installing an IP surveillance system is the ability to broadcast surveillance video over the internet. This alleviates the need for a DVR or video capture card and allows you turn any CCTV camera into an IP based network camera. Get a free security assessment for Herring Technology today to find out in an IP surveillance system might be right for you.

Myth #3: Video Transfers Will Overload My Network.

This is completely dependent on storage capacity and providers. A respectable security company will ensure that your business is set up with the optimal system to reduce the chances of overloading your network. In addition, modern day technology and the cloud allow companies to transfer more information than ever before without interfering with your company’s network. Herring Technology always looks out for the best interests for our customers and will never recommend a solution that could put your business at risk.

Myth #4: Access Control Systems are Only for Large Companies.

Some wrongly assume that access control systems are only for huge corporations with many doors and thousands of credential holders. Yet the statistics tell a different story, as the average installation consists of seven doors and less than 130 credentials. The truth is that access control systems can be beneficial to both large and small business by helping to reduce unwanted traffic. Allowing only the people who are supposed to be there in will minimize your chances of experiencing a break-in.

Myth #5: The Authorities Won’t Respond in Time

Many responders will arrive at the scene within minutes, generally five to six unless your business is located in a hard to reach location. Additionally, even if authorities don’t arrive in time to prevent your property from being broken into, a proper surveillance system will help to catch the intruders and retrieve your belongings.

Resolve to Secure Your Business

Now that we’ve expelled some of the most common business security myths, it’s time to take action. Maybe you need to begin protecting your business for the first time, or maybe you just need to update your current business security system. Either way, make securing your business a New Year resolution for you and refuse to become another victim to crime.

Herring Technology has experience working with companies of various types and sizes to bolster their security. If you want the best intrusion protection available, give us a call today at (615) 846-2380.

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