Business that need an access control security system in Nashville

There are many different types of security threats businesses face on a daily basis. With confidential information and sometimes millions of dollars worth of product, implementing authorized personnel security access provides the ultimate control over these highly-sensitive areas. Let’s dive into the top five businesses that would benefit from an access control system.

#1. Healthcare

Protecting state-of-the-art equipment and confidential patient information is essential to hospitals and healthcare providers. Video surveillance cameras and monitoring help protect patients from harm or theft. Healthcare facilities can protect staff members and patients with authorized security access. Social security numbers, medications, and thousand dollar equipment are just some of the assets a healthcare facility would benefit protecting. Restrictive access would allow only members with previously authorized authority to enter these areas limiting the chance of loss. Strategically placing cameras can monitor public areas inside and outside the building and provide security detail with high-quality images of those who are entering the facility and using the controlled access system.

#2. Schools

A security challenge for every school is controlling access to campus. Regulating who is or is not allowed to enter the grounds is essential for the student’s and faculty’s safety. One of the easiest ways to pump-up your security measure is eliminating paper sign-in logs. Often these signatures are illegible, and guests quite often forget to sign-out. Implementing a visitor management system with controlled access provides your security team with the ability to verify the identities of a guest before they can enter the building. For example, this system would be able to recognize registered sex-offenders notifying faculty and security of their presence.

#3. Law Firms

Leaving security in the hands of trusted experts allows for law firms to protect their confidential information. A lock and key only provide so much of a safety net. With an Access Control System, businesses can program their doors to open only when a person is granted access. Additionally, software tracks who entered at what time keeping sensitive information safe, as well as its employees. It’s not uncommon to encounter a disgruntled civilian regarding lawsuits, and with the addition of video and CCTV monitoring, you can access high-definition video to see who is in the building and surrounding areas. This system is especially beneficial for viewing the parking lot ensuring safety for both employees as well as a client.

#4. Commercial Construction Sites

The theft of construction site equipment ranges from $300 million to $1 billion annually. In our How to Improve Construction Site Security, you can learn how theft far outweighs other job site risks such as vandalism, fire, collision, and acts of nature. Proper implementation of security equipment reduces the risk of theft and vandalism. The best thing you should do is work on securing the perimeter with a fence and video monitoring system. It will help look for and deter suspicious behavior. Additionally, you want to keep your assets as safe as possible by minimizing access and limiting vehicle access to authorized personnel only. Heavy duty locks with limited authorized key-holders will help keep the site secure and monitor behavior. Many general contractors find that adding centrally monitored CCTV systems are more efficient and affordable than hiring 24-hour security guards when coupled with an Access Control System.

#5. Car Dealership

When you think about it, car dealerships are the perfect target for thieves and vandals. If you own a dealership, you probably already know that protecting your investment from human threats is only part of the story. If you’re looking for the best security system for your lot, you’ll want a security system, lighting, intrusion detection, access points and physical perimeter protection for your dealership. With built-in access control, you can monitor new, current, and former employees and know who’s on the lot, when, where, and why. Additionally, you can minimize inventory loss by installing around the clock video surveillance in the form of HD CCTV. The feed from these cameras sends real-time images of suspicious activity to security personnel so they can report it to local police. Lighting and perimeter gates are probably the wisest investment for car dealerships.

If you need to easily manage access credentials, restrict access to sensitive areas, or prevent unauthorized visitor access, then an access control system may be an effective solution. To learn more give us a call at 615.846.2380 or contact Herring Technology online.

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