Technology evolves so quickly that as soon as you purchase any gadget, it will soon seem behind the times. One day you’ll realize that the access control system you’ve trusted for so long to protect your business is outdated. This is dangerous: obsolete security cameras and technology leave your business vulnerable to crime and suspicious activities.

Since security systems are meant to give you peace of mind, it’s critical to ensure yours is up to date.

Signs You Need a New Access Control System

At Herring Technology, we understand the security risks of older technology. By understanding the state of your operating system or application, you can ensure that your business is as secure as possible. The top five signs that it’s time to update your business security system include:

  1. You haven’t updated your security hardware or software recently. As technology advances, so do the skills of criminals who are becoming increasingly well-versed with technology and information from the internet. Criminals can use this knowledge to scout vulnerabilities in business security systems.According to industry standards, business owners should invest in an annual security evaluation. Remember, the cost of a new security system is worth the safety it provides your business. By investing in new software and hardware, you will ensure your access control system is as effective as possible.
  2. Low-resolution security cameras. HD film isn’t just for the theater or home entertainment system. High-definition video can be the difference between recognizing and apprehending a would-be criminal or letting one get away. There’s no longer any reason to settle for low-resolution security cameras, especially since today’s technology makes it easy to store high-resolution footage.
  3. Your employee demographic has changed. Employees come and go. While this is natural in any business, it also creates vulnerabilities in your security system. Are there copies of your keys floating around? Do former employees still have their ID badge? Are key codes still the same despite an ever-changing workforce? As your talent pool evolves, so should your security plan.
  4. Lack of remote access or monitoring. Business owners and managers should be able to monitor and check-in on their business from anywhere. Modern day security systems allow you to log into a mobile device or desktop to view business premises through security cameras at any time. At Herring Technology, we’ve found that this is one of the most popular features of new security systems.
  5. Wired sensors. Though meant to protect your business, wired sensors on windows and doors are actually security risks. Criminals who are advanced in technology can cut or otherwise disable wired sensors, rendering them useless. Herring Technology can help you implement a more modernized system that is not so easily disabled.

At Herring Technology, we understand how important it is to secure your business. We’re passionate about providing the highest quality access control systems at the most affordable price possible. Herring Technology is recognized in Nashville, TN and the greater region as the Southeast’s premier resource for security products and systems.

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