Security Systems for Healthcare Facilities in Nashville

Times have changed and merely locking the door at the end of a long business day is not enough. Applying advanced surveillance equipment in and around your building will provide a layer of protection in the event of a robbery. Burglaries happen every 13 seconds, and the police are only able to solve 13% of the break-ins reported Utilizing CCTV cameras can help business owners thwart theft and identify intruders.

In fact, a recent study from UNC Charlotte claims, 83% of thieves would try to determine if an alarm was present, and 60% would seek out another target if they found one in use. Because most CCTV cameras are visible, they are invaluable regarding security. However, if you have one make sure you’ll want to look for certain aspects to ensure you are getting the most out of your camera.

CCTV Camera Placement

Security cameras are perfect for protecting your assets, but if they aren’t placed in the right areas, they aren’t doing their job correctly. According to a report, 81% of burglars enter the building through the front door. The ideal placement for cameras would be on the front door, back door, and first-floor windows. It would seem obvious to choose these areas for your camera, but many commercial building owners try to get too creative which can backfire. The idea they have is to “catch” the intruder in the act when realistically, highly visible cameras are the perfect deterrent. Common criminals are looking for an easy in and out, so any apparent camera is going to thwart potential issues.

Make Sure It’s Waterproof

Many commercial buildings have their front and back entrances exposed to the outside. Inclement weather is often unavoidable, so you’ll need to ensure your device is safeguarded against mother nature. There are many types of models to suit different climates which makes it easy to invest in one that is right for your building. Ideally, your camera will have a hood over the lens. The hood prevents any wind, rain, and glare from obstructing its line of vision. The last thing you need is issues with visibility when it’s time to use the camera to identify a perpetrator.

CCTV Camera with Infrared Capabilities

Infrared cameras use thermal imaging technologies to pick up heat from objects nearby. Human body temperatures average just under 100 degrees, which greatly differs from other objects in the vicinity. These types of CCTV cameras are an excellent option for night security and commercial buildings that don’t have street lights on the front or back door. While they can be used in the daytime, the heat from the sun can make other objects appear to emit heat and distort the results. While infrared cameras won’t be the best to identify a suspect, they are great stopping activity before it happens, especially in the middle of the night.

Invest in a Camera with High Definition

Any camera is going to add a layer of protection to your building, but finding one that works in HD is going to be far superior to others on the market. First, they are better at capturing details like the face for example.  If you need to bring the footage to court, HD will hold up as stronger evidence. Secondly, most high-resolution cameras cover a wider angle or area. This ability means one HDCCTV camera could cover the area of possibly two analog CCTV options. Lastly, HDCCTV cameras are usually better when you need to search a frame, meaning you can zoom in and out with ease and without the problem of losing quality in the process.

Mobile/Remote Access

Mobile and remote access to security cameras are invaluable to your property’s protection. For anyone who doesn’t have a 24/7 security team in place, cameras are your “eyes” when you aren’t in the building. Advancements in technology have made it possible to access cameras from applications on your phone or website. It’s helpful for recognizing false alarms without the need to have you or an employee drive back to the building. Additionally, you can access multiple feeds over various locations. Your remote access should alert you which camera is detecting motion and allow you to switch between camera views to see what is happening.

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