Summer has arrived and visions long weekends on the beach, in the Captain’s seat, and on the waves have taken up permanent residence in your active imagination. With all the heat-fueled daydreaming, odds are slim that you’re spending much time thinking about commercial security systems. Good thing we’re here!

If your summer schedule includes time away from your commercial enterprise or business, then you really need to consider beefing up your security.

We’ve thought of all the worst-case scenarios — and solutions — so your daydreams stay dreamy and your business stays secure.

Security Problem: There are Fewer People to Witness Crimes

If your business is located in an area that relies heavily on local residents and foot traffic, you may have noticed a dramatic decrease in the number of folks wandering the streets on hot summer days.

And if there are fewer witnesses, the bad guys are more likely to commit crimes.

Solution: Invest in an IP security camera and for nighttime coverage, install an infrared camera. You’ll have 24/7 access to your camera feed, anywhere you have internet access.

Security Problem: Your Business is Vulnerable to Vehicular Threats

As our highways expand, local thoroughfares grow more congested, and as vehicular attacks dominate the headlines, it’s clear that motorized vehicles can pose a threat to your business.

Solution: Sturdy vehicle barriers can provide basic access control, protect your property, your inventory, and your patrons.

Security Problem: Kids These Days!

With school out for summer, kids find themselves with a little more time on their hands. While that’s great for most young scholars, those who thrive on doing exactly what they shouldn’t be doing may be tempted to break into an unsecured business.

Solution: Install an audible alarm and make sure that your property advertises the fact that it’s secured by a trusted alarm company and monitoring service. Deterrence is the best and most effective form of commercial security.

Security Problem: You’re Finally Using Your Hard-Earned Vacation

Good for you. Have some fun! However, if you’re not around to hold down the fort or “summer hours” are in effect, your business may be shuttered more than it typically is during the rest of the year. Naturally, if a property appears vacant, it’s like catnip for burglars.

Solution: Installing adequate exterior lighting, commercial alarm systems, and security gates can make it a lot harder for the bad guys to gain access to your commercial property.

Security Problem: Making the Most of Summer Nights

Although the summer days are long and the nights are short, most commercial theft occurs at night.

Solution: Install motion-detecting lights at key entry points and throughout the building. Not only will the sudden illumination draw attention to your property, but it acts as a deterrent to intruders.

Security Problem: You’re Too Trusting

Not all break-ins are perpetrated by strangers. Disgruntled former employees or untrustworthy current employees are a major risk to your business. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce estimates that 75% of employees steal from the workplace and that most do so repeatedly.

Solution: Conduct employee background checks. An employee will know exactly what your hours are, where you keep your money, and how you secure your property. Avoid hiring the wrong people by running rigorous background checks.

Security Problem: You’ve Lost Your Your Keys!
Countless break-ins aren’t even break-ins at all! Missing keys may be the culprit.

Solution: Keep your hands on your key! Or, invest in a keyless access control system.

To learn more about commercial security systems or to schedule a consultation, contact Herring Technology.

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