Although there are many types of business security systems on the market today, if you are looking for the most innovative, look no further than access control systems. This type of business protection offers all the advanced technology one can ask for. Before we get into why access control systems are such a hot commodity, let’s first get a better understanding of what all goes into these security powerhouses.

Access control systems use an electronic or electromechanical system to allow restricted access within a business organization. There are several different types of access control systems including card based, biometric, and keypad.

How Access Control Systems Work
Card-based access control systems use different types of cards for security purposes. This enables specific employees to access the network, data and work stations within the building. Many government offices are relying on card-based access control systems to protect various assets in their possession.

Card-based access control systems are attractive by nature because they do not require multiple cards or access codes for any given function. The same card can be used for any function the card has access to. They are very flexible in how they can be used and offer the functionality businesses need to protect their valuable assets.

Different Types of Access Control Cards

When it comes to card-based access control systems, there are many different types of cards available. They can be segmented by the type of card, the use of the card, and the geography in which the card will be used. These three elements can be used to determine what kind of card to use for your access control system.

The various types of cards available on the market include smart cards, barcode cards, dual function cards, barium ferrite cards and magnetic stripe cards. The type of card used for an access control system mostly depends on the industry in which it will be used. At Herring Technology, our business security professionals are here to help you choose the right card for your particular system.

Protect Your Business Assets

Protecting your assets is extremely important for a business. Access control systems can be a great way to do just that. They provide security, formality and structure to a company trying to implement a solid business security system.

Access control systems are commonly used in retail, military, government and commercial offices to ensure proper security. Each may use different types of security cards to accompany their access control system, however, each are using the system to achieve better security in and around their property.

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