Commercial property security systems

An advanced security system allows for business owners to protect their property from damage or harm. High Definition Closed Circuit Television (HDCCTV) uses video cameras to record and monitor activity using broadcast signals. There are many options available to provide you with the protection you need, but HDCCTV can record in real-time the events that are happening on your commercial property. They are often capable of capturing several months to many years worth of footage, making it one of the most reliable services by giving you 24/7 security. Investing in a security system shouldn’t be a snap decision, that’s why we put together some benefits of having an HDCCTV camera as part of your package.

Crime Deterrent

One of the benefits of having CCTV installed in your commercial property is having it act as a visual deterrent from potential intruders or vandals. When someone is trying to break into a property, they are looking for quick and easy access. They want to get in, grab what they need and leave. It’s unlikely someone would be motivated enough to steal from your commercial property if they know they are caught on camera.

Identify Criminals

If you find someone is bold enough to enter your property even with the installation of visible CCTV cameras, footage from the robbery will help identify the criminal. Many warehouse stores sell video cameras that you can install yourself, but the problem with cameras purchased from a local shop is the image quality. In the event, you need to turn footage over to the authorities or bring evidence into a court of law you might find them inadmissible due to the low grade. With an HD CCTV camera securing your property, the authorities will have an easier time matching the perpetrators to the crime and hopefully recover your stolen property.

Gives You Remote Access to Footage

We’ve talked about the benefits of a mobile integration for CCTV before because having a security system that works for you will help protect you, your business, and give you peace of mind. Remote access to your video security system means you enable your alarm if you forgot before you left or provide an employee access to the building if it’s after hours all from the convenience of your mobile phone.

Get a Deduction From Your Insurance Company

Insurance companies are there to back you up in the unfortunate event of your property being stolen or vandalized. Ideally, they wouldn’t have to reimburse or fix problems, and some companies offer discounts to businesses who take precautionary measures by investing in a professional security system. If you’re on the fence because of the cost of having a security system call, call your insurance company to check what discounts they can offer you.

Customize Your System for What You Need

The pros of IP security cameras are boundless. They require a little more technical savvy than other systems, but they can be customized to suit the needs of your business and tailored to your property for the best security possible. IP cameras offer higher resolution the other systems, allow you to watch live footage, and are not impacted by “noise.” Additionally, the videos can be emailed and come with features like motion detection.

If you are interested in learning more about HDCCTV cameras for your business, contact Herring Technology today for a free security risk assessment.


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