You put a lot of time an effort into designing your security system. From HD video cameras to monitoring devices, multiple layers of protection exist to ensure you and your team don’t experience theft or danger. Unauthorized access is a weakness in the structure stemming from simple acts of kindness amongst employees. But, it can have consequences.

The Threat of Unauthorized Access

Unauthorized access is a person or entity in gaining permissions to enter a part of the building or data without authorization. Protecting against unauthorized access should be high on your security plan. It’s critical that you are aware of the different types of access points. Physical access involves a person entering a building. This kind of action would allow possible harm to others or theft. Technology can also be comprised to allow someone without appropriate permissions to view confidential information. The purpose of this article is to focus on what you and your team can do to reduce the chances of having someone enter into your building.

Common Types of Unauthorized Access

We all want to be courteous, but sometimes these simple acts of kindness put others and your business in danger.


People can enter your building by merely falling in line with someone who has a key card. Common courtesy involves holding the door open for someone behind you. The act of holding open this door allows someone to enter the building who might not have permission. This gesture exposes everyone and confidential data to theft or danger. The best way to combat the issue is training. Help make your team aware of the risks associated with allowing someone they don’t recognize the chance to enter the building. Mantraps and turnstiles are effective at eliminating the likelihood of tailgating. Both options only allow one person in at a time.

Door Propping

Doors give us access to the building, and there are times when they will need to be propped open for convenience. Keeping the doors open in this manner allows others to enter the building. It’s very similar to tailgating and letting someone in who shouldn’t be is risky. Technology today provides solutions. Alarm systems are designed to give you the protection you need, the way you need it. You can apply technological capabilities to alert members of security personnel when doors are propped open. The appropriate individual can investigate the situation further by using HD video cameras to view those who enter and exit or make a trip down to the location.

Levering a Door

Levering a door is the application of using a small tool to pry it open. Movies often depict this by having criminals open doors by using a crowbar. But, the truth is small tools work just as well. Depending on the locking mechanism and the door’s construction a credit card is enough. Today, you can get access control systems with “forced-door monitoring.” The technology utilizes sensors to determine whether or not a door is pried open. The sensors will then send a signal to your access control system that relays the message to the security team. Choosing the best commercial alarm system contractors will make or break the effectiveness of the sensor. Sensors are known to produce false positives. But, the right team configures the alarm to work efficiently.

Lost/Stolen Keys

Monitoring keys is an ongoing battle regarding security. Keys are sometimes lost, stolen, or loaned. Passing them between employees is just as dangerous as having someone outside the company get a copy. Sometimes sensitive information must have limited access. A key borrowed by someone else poses a risk. Once a key is lost or stole it’s almost impossible to get back. Staying on top of this kind of security risk includes recalibrating the doors. That’s a pretty hefty expense for the sake of a key. Having keys implemented with tracking information allows you to find it before you need to worry about any calibration. Additionally, the tracking device syncs with the access control system to provide updated information.

Access Cards

Designed for convenience, access cards give permissions to a single individual to enter or exit areas, rooms, or the building. A lot of information is stored on this card such as who it belongs to, where it was swiped and the most recent time. Except they too are easily lost or duplicated. Combat the issue by having them do double duty. Smart cards come with additional programmable options that let you put more information on it. Employees have the opportunity to use the card for identification, network access, and physical access. Many companies found when they combined the access card with the ID, employees were less likely to loan them out or leave them at home.

Advanced Security Systems Nashville

Unauthorized access is a massive security risk for various reasons. Implementing a strategy with your security personnel cuts down on weaknesses in protection. Working with a company like Herring Technology provides an opportunity to design a system compatible with your unique needs.

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