With more than $4 billion dollars in assets lost from burglaries each year, it’s essential to regularly revisit the security measures you are taking as a business. Evaluate your security strategy to see if you are putting your business’s security at risk.

1. Providing Physical Keys for Entry

Giving out physical keys to employees may seem like a harmless idea at first, but it soon becomes a logistics nightmare. No one wants to change locks every time an employee leaves the company or loses a key.

Instead of using traditional keys, we recommend installing an access control system. Access control systems are the best way to manage entry into your building because they allow you to instantly deactivate an I.D. badge or other security credentials. In addition, they create an audit trail, enabling you to restrict access during certain times of the day and control access to your business from anywhere.

2. Failing to Install Security Cameras

Burglars target businesses that look unprotected. Having security cameras installed around your facility helps deter crime by providing a visible signal to burglars that your facility is secured.

Furthermore, business security cameras ensure the safety of your business and protect your assets. By providing authorities with the proper information they need to capture offenders, they make it easier to recover assets after a break-in.

There are many options when it comes to video surveillance, including standalone cameras for especially vulnerable areas or multi-camera systems to capture everything that happens in and around your facility. Here are 5 questions to ask when choosing a security camera for your business.

3. Having a Dimly Lit Building

Quality security lighting is one of the most simple ways to protect your business. Dark or dimly lit areas are prime targets for burglars, since these locations provide cover from passerby. Some businesses even keep their lights on through the night to make it appear as if the facility is still occupied. There are numerous lighting options, including LED security lights, motion sensor, halogen lights, etc. Choose the one that best fits your business’s needs.

4. Thinking You Won’t be Targeted

Thinking “it will never happen to me” will not make you or your business safer. Herring Technology offers high-end security systems capable of protecting your business from harm. We provide various business security products, including access control systems, CCTV systems, security gates as well as additional security technologies for your business’s needs.
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