A security system is essential to protecting a business’s assets, especially in the summer months when burglaries are most common. But consider this: according to Crime Doctor, the vast majority of break-ins are after hours, occurring between 8 p.m.and 3 a.m. How can you stay on top of the security of your business after hours?

A mobile integration allows business owners  to stay updated on the security of their office or storefront by accessing live CCTV video. This article takes a closer look at how a mobile integration can enhance your current physical security.

24/7 Monitoring

Is it 4 a.m.? Midnight? 6 a.m.? You can check all video surveillance of your business from your mobile phone to make sure your business is safe, no matter the hour. Your mobile phone will also send notifications with any security breaches. You can sleep peacefully knowing your business is safe.

Receive Instant Notifications in the Event of a Break-In

A mobile integration communicates with a business’s access control system to inform business owners of security breaches. In the event that a break-in occurs, you will be the first to know.

Remote Control of Physical Security

Don’t you find it frustrating when you leave work, and then five minutes down the road, you cannot remember whether or not you set the alarm behind you? Fortunately, a remote security system allows you to set alarms and manage your business security system from your mobile phone. No need to turn around and arm security from the access control system. Just pull over and set the alarm from your phone!

Similarly, if an employee needs to get back into the office after hours, you can unlock the building to let that employee in and then lock the doors behind him — all from your mobile phone.

Make Sure the Kids Got Home Safe
Have to work late and you want to know if your kids made it home from school? If your residential security system has CCTV as well, then you can integrate your residential security system to check if your kids made it back safe. No need to wait for them to text or call!

A mobile integration allows business owners to easily manage their security system off-site, allowing for 24/7 surveillance, remote management of the access control system, and temperature/light control. Herring Technology offers remote security as a part of our physical security solutions. Call Herring Technology today to learn more! (615) 846-2380.
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