Protecting your business with a robust security system has always been important, but the tools available to provide this protection have improved in many ways with the advance of technology. Some strategies, like fencing your property to limit access, has changed in mostly minor ways, while other strategies, like controlling access at doors and entrances, has changed drastically. In 2018-2019, there are more powerful business security systems than ever before—options you should be aware of as a business owner.

Powerful Options for Protecting Your Business in 2018-2019

Access Control Systems

Having an access control system is one of the most important things you can do to protect your company. It is just common sense to lock doors that have anything of value behind them. It is likely that there are many things of value behind the doors of your business, and possibly areas where you want to limit access even to those who work for your company. An access control system gives you full control over every entrance that you install it on, and the level of control has only gotten better in recent years.

Keys can be copied. Access badges are much more difficult to reproduce. And if you want the most secure option you can go with full biometric readers. You can also track who movement through specific areas using software.

Security Cameras

Surveillance technology is better than it has ever been. High definition cameras allow you to see what is going on in your business with surprising clarity. The days of hoping that you will be lucky enough to get a clear image are gone—as long as you choose cameras that are high-quality and have them installed by professionals who know how to design for low-light conditions. A skilled installer can build a system that will give you a front-row seat to the show.

Shooter Detection Systems

One of the most impressive new developments in business security is the Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Detection System developed by Shooter Detection Systems (SDS). This system is capable of detecting the firing of a weapon both through infrared flash detection and acoustic gunshot detection. Because the system uses two separate detection methods simultaneously, it is capable of detecting shooting in a building with incredible accuracy. The fact that a shooter is present is known immediately by your personnel and by emergency personnel who can come to the aid of everyone in your building.

Security Gates and Perimeter Fencing

Exercising full control over the grounds of your business is a major aspect of solid security. The best way to limit who comes onto your property and approaches your business is a perimeter fence. A fence and a security gate allow you to designate where the entrance and exit of your property will be, and to only let in those that meet your specific criteria. Automated gates make it where you can open or close access with the push of a button or through access devices you give to those who you want on your property.

Theft is always a risk to your business, but that risk can be greatly reduced by installing a perimeter fence. A strong, well-designed fence makes it much harder to approach your business unseen. It also severely limits the options for removing property from your grounds. Because it is so much more difficult to approach your business, the vast majority of burglars will choose to go elsewhere.

The Importance of Professional Installation

You have probably seen security kits for businesses for sale, including security camera systems. While these low-priced options may seem tempting, you should be aware of how much less effective they often are compared to professional options. A professional security company has the training and knowledge to determine which security technologies are right for your specific company. Not only can they help you choose which options will work best for your needs, they can install those options to ensure they work properly.

Security is one area where it does not pay to cut corners. Security systems are an investment, one that will provide ongoing protection for years to come.

Security for Your Business

The benefits of a professionally installed security system are considerable. If you would like more information about how you can protect your business, please contact us. Our security professionals are here to answer your questions. We can help you determine which security options are right for your business and we can install them professionally for maximum effectiveness. Contact us today to get started.

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