Over the last few weeks, events of the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, certain events caused quite a stir within the public arena. When a legendary swimmer claimed an alleged robbery by “fake cops,” the scandal caused many to question the security directives provided by Brazilian officials. The claims set into motion a heavy volume of investigations, as Brazilian authorities weren’t easily convinced of the alleged claims made by the swimmer and his teammates. And, security camera footage on the premises confirmed their suspicions.

Problems for Commercial Businesses

Though the athlete is an admired public figure, various circumstances can lead to mistaken accountability of facts and information. Some people may be tempted to file a false report or omit critical information due fear of the associated consequences. However, as little as the infraction may seem, it can cost businesses hundreds and thousands of dollars in expenses related to the alleged crime.

In this case, much of this misinformation and confusion was avoided as officials set the record straight with the use of CCTV security.

Need for Physical Security

Business security is a significant component of the commercial machine. In Tennessee, an estimated 132,734 reports of burglary, theft, and destruction of property were reported statewide in 2015. And yet, this does not include the number of false reports or claims made by clients or customers in which damages were left solely within the hands of business owners.  

The swimmers may not have intended to cause harm, but their actions from that infamous night led to vandalism and reputation damage that may be irreversible. Sadly, the event tarnished the final few days of the Olympics in Rio. Since then, the medalist has recanted his original claims of an alleged robbery and has made a public apology to Brazilian officials.

Consider CCTV Security for Your Business

Commercial surveillance can be a convenient tool in the hands of business owners to protect themselves and their company. In addition to providing safety against false claims, video surveillance can also offer other benefits which are aimed to prevent further loss.

Located in Nashville, TN., consider Herring Technology for all company’s needs and requirements regarding physical security. We are qualified and capable of meeting the needs of any industry.

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