The holiday season may be behind us but commercial traffic is still at its highest. Customers are hitting the stores and many other businesses for returns, exchanges, and to supplement their gifts with the latest accessories. This constant foot traffic is great for business but it can also bring many unwanted problems. Shoplifters and burglars will be anticipating an opportunity to take advantage of poor security systems.

Keep an eye out for these gaps in your business security.

Beware of Shoplifters

The holidays are a great time to try new promotional offers and increase sales for a healthy start to the New Year’s bottom line. Not only that, but it’s a great time to attract new and keep your loyal customers coming back for more. For your business to remain profitable, you need to be security-conscious to protect yourself against shoplifting. Consider the following preventative security measures:

  • Conducting routine maintenance of CCTV monitors and other security cameras
  • Ensuring the proper placement of security cameras at every entryway, exit, and register
  • Protecting high-ticket merchandise with physical locks or access codes
  • Adding Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) attachments to merchandise items
  • Watching for unusual body behavior, such as prolonged lingering around merchandise or monitoring of employees.
  • Carefully showcasing big-ticket items in strategic, well-monitored areas

Avoid Employee Theft

Nobody likes to think about employee theft, but it’s safer to be cautious and to avoid difficult incidents down the road. Customers are not the only ones that can put your business at risk during this busy season! A few ways to provide added protection during and after the holidays include:

  • Installing security cameras near every Point-of-Sale (POS) system
  • Establishing specific and unique passcodes for access systems to track and trace employee activity
  • Establishing locker rooms with access control systems for employees store their personal items and deter theft
  • Installing access control systems for breakrooms, uniquely made for each employee
  • Rotating shifts for seasonal employees and running thorough background checks

Prepare for Burglary, Vandalism or Injury

Sometimes the worst of the physical damage can occur outside the walls of your business when criminals attempt to break-in or vandalize a vacant commercial property. Even worse, an accident or crime may occur while you or your employees are still on the premises. To keep your property and employees safe, here are a few more safety tips to consider:

  • Installing night-vision security cameras to record activity at entry ways and parking areas
  • Installing motion-detection lights to illuminate poor lit areas of the commercial property
  • Establishing CCTV systems for optimal live monitoring of activity
  • Ensuring access to video security monitoring is only accessible to those with proper security codes
  • Backing-up surveillance video to a remote destination in the case of a fire or accident to the business
  • Considering proper and legal security surveillance positioningper state laws and agency
  • Eliminating the need for physical keys, as access and passcode security systems offer the ability to track and trace suspicious or illegal access to high-security areas
  • Routinely maintaining clear entryways and well lit areas to assist employees and customers avoid falls and injury

For more information and assistance, contact Herring Technology to design a comprehensive security plan for your business, today.

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