It’s imperative for businesses to have access to smart security systems. The challenge is discovering what is needed for your organization and property. A one-size-fits-all solution doesn’t exist. Each entity needs its security operation to handle centralized monitoring and alerts that are effective. Designing a customized security system reduces coverage gaps. Do your due diligence and learn more about the different security products and how they are useful. 

Access Control System 

Customized access control systems streamline security processes. Equip your employees with a keyless entry system to better understand who is coming and going. Time stamps reveal who enter when and from what port of entry effectively reducing the chances of theft. Hospitals, banks, and other businesses with private and confidential information can restrict access to sensitive documents minimizing the chances of a breach. 

A.I. Analytics 

A.I. Analytics delivers quick responses to potential security threats. It can scan customers in your building or capture information about a license plate on a vehicle entering your property. Unlike the human eye, A.I. technology never fatigues and can scan threats over hundreds of cameras. Scale the technology up or down to eliminate the need for additional personnel. The accuracy of the program is staggering and can identify threats more accurately than most human capabilities. 

Security Cameras/ HD CCTV 

High definition closed circuit television (H.D. video surveillance) relies on video recording to monitor real-time activity. The sight of a security camera alone can be enough to deter crime. But, on the off chance the perpetrator is brave enough to carry out the deed in front of a camera, the surveillance will be captured in high-definition. Integrate the camera with a mobile streaming app to view footage in real-time from any device. The high-definition illustrates accurately what is taking place and can be used in evidence if required in a court case. 

Shooter Detection Systems 

Shooter Detection Systems (SDS) applies a sensor system as part of the software. It can recognize gunshots within seconds and transfer the information to security personnel. The sensor can pick up the acoustic band and infrared flash from the weapon going off and send tracking and reporting data to local authorities. The technology is adaptable and can be installed in any building. It’s one of the most advanced systems to protect schools, businesses, and places of worship against gun violence. 

Perimeter Security Systems 

Perimeter gates line your property with tall, sturdy fencing. They drastically reduce the number of entry points, making it considerably more challenging to access the grounds without authorized permission. It’s a customizable solution that integrates with surveillance cameras to assist in the identification of guests and motion detectors that link to your access control system, sending a signal if someone tries to use forced entry. 

Fire Detection Systems 

It’s not just theft of property and information that businesses need to worry about. Fires are a huge threat and often there is not adequate protection in place. Most deaths from a fire are a result of respiratory failure due to excess smoke. Fewer casualties are a result of getting in contact with a flame. Fire detection systems provide the first warning that alerts occupants to evacuate safely. They can gather information about carbon monoxide levels to improve survival rates. The data is sent along to other security devices to alert the authorities. 

Rapid Deployment Unit 

Rapid deployment units are mobile security devices for businesses. They receive 24/7 footage at a 360-degree radius. Emergency services, special events, and industrial operations rely on these towers to recognize suspicious behavior. Infrared capabilities provide real-time footage at night to aid security teams. Because it’s mobile, it’s positionable in almost any location to help with monitoring. Scale the tower, which reaches a staggering 24-feet, to act as a camera or flood light if needed. It can take pictures and thermal images and send them to security personnel. 

Security Consulting with Herring Technology 

Choosing the best options for your business is just the first step. Knowing how they operate as a whole is the second. Both are needed to ensure optimal protection levels are achieved. Working with security consultants like Herring Technology provides an overview of your current system, recommended changes, and how you can add multiple layers of protection. 

During our assessment, we identify weaknesses and help you determine your greater and lesser concerns. With decades of experience in security, our knowledge base transcends all industries allowing us to accurately design and recommend the best security solution for you.

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