How to Develop A Security Plan for Your Business in Nashville

It’s not enough for businesses to rely on lock and a key as the primary source of protection for their employees and commercial property. Security is a complex subject. There are a lot of working parts and is based off several different factors, but it’s critical. The most effective method is to employ a security plan. Security plans or strategies should help organizations identify areas that need improvement and provide solutions when issues arise. All of which need to happen on an individual and corporate level. An effective strategy will reduce threats, both internal and external and streamline the process to find a resolution quickly. We’ve addressed how to proceed with this plan in just a few steps.

Identify Your Threats

Whether they are actual or potential threats, companies should be aware of the dangers that they could encounter. Is it stolen data? Breaking and entering? Take stock of everything and be as specific as possible. In this section, you don’t need to focus on the solution. Just work on outlining anything that could be an issue down the line or problems you’ve already encountered. This may seem elementary, but this first step is often overlooked. Security is meant to protect. Without understanding your environment, it’s possible you could miss out on a critical component that could save you money and time down the line.

Assemble Your Security Team

If you haven’t already, you should have a team of individuals who are responsible for the safety and security of your commercial building. It doesn’t have to be a separately hired team, but members of management or staff who are trustworthy. This core group will be the main point of contact when a problem arises. It’s your choice if you would also like to pull these team members in to help your draft your security plan. After identifying each member, make a note of their responsibility and clearance level. Applying a tiered system is an approach many businesses use. Not every member of the security team has to have complete access to all entry points and passwords. Limitations in this avenue will help address areas of weakness when or if there is a breach. It can also confirm the severity of the situation. If someone was able to get passed someone with a higher security level, there is a chance that the strategy in place needs improvement.

Educate Your Employees

One of the most significant issues businesses have is not spending enough time training their staff or their security team on the on the strategy and the systems they have in place to keep the commercial property safe. Organizations often tackle strategies as if it were a technical problem, but both members and non-members of your security team need to be aware of the defenses in place protecting your building. For example, they should have a clear understanding of what is or isn’t sensitive information, who is their superior if there are problems, your policies on access codes and the repercussions for sharing them.

Develop Objective Security Measures

Decrease the chances of your commercial property becoming vulnerable with solutions to the weaknesses you’ve identified in the first step. We’ve mentioned the essential roles your team members have in your security being effective, now it’s time to address what policies and products are going to help you keep your commercial property and business safe. Depending on the company you run, there will be a variety of options that will tailor to your needs. However, some products transcend all industries.

  1. Access Control System

Access control systems are an advanced method for securing your property intelligently. The best part about this system is the flexibility it offers the user. Businesses can design the devices to work in a way that suits their needs with software that can track entry times, who is using the access codes, and so on.

  1. Security Cameras

Security cameras are the best surveillance technology for commercial properties. You can record in real-time events that are happening externally and internally. The advancements in technology allow these cameras to perform in almost every setting, from high to low lighting while still emitting a high-resolution video. Often, the mere presence of a camera is enough to deter crime.

  1. Perimeter Gate

The perimeter gate is another security product that allows business owners some customization.  A security fence not only provides protection but an unparalleled level of convenience making security much more accessible. From automated gates to custom fences, it’s possible to achieve the requirements you need to meet your security plan goals.

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