The most recent report of The Life and Times of Cybersecurity Professionals (2021) presented findings that should concern every industry, from small businesses to corporations. For the fifth consecutive year, cybersecurity employees are experiencing heavier workloads, staffing shortages, and burnout, leaving businesses of all sizes vulnerable to security threats. And the attacks are many; most organizations with security operations centers receive a daily average of 11,000 security alerts, according to a 2020 Forrester SecOps study.

The good news? Industry experts are largely unanimous in their recommendation for how to minimize security attacks – using technology as force multipliers. Or, as we like to call it at Herring Technology, security synergy.

How To Use Technology As A Force Multiplier

Security synergy uses state-of-the-art technology (access control, video cameras, intrusion alarms, fencing and barriers, lighting) with top-notch security design by law enforcement-trained investigators and security experts. The technology, then, works in a unified effort with your security team, multiplying their eyes and ears.

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One example would be using the camera and security systems you already have in-place to their fullest potential. Rather than adding more bodies to your security team, you could instead optimize your camera placement and even upgrade any existing analytic technology with artificial intelligence (AI) to give your team access to areas without physical bodies.

This could look very different from business to business, from identifying a customer at a bank to finding a suspicious person in a crowd to scanning a license plate on a car entering your property.

The benefits are obvious. First, you increase your security by streamlining and strengthening your current ability to detect and respond to potential threats. Secondly, you “upskill” your CSO and physical security team overall, which only reinforces your security.

There are several ways you can multiply your current security efforts

  • Improve Camera Quality and Placement
  • Install Structured Cabling
  • Integrate Your Systems with Artificial Intelligence
  • Take Your Security Up a Notch

Improve Camera Quality and Placement

While you can purchase surveillance cameras for your workplace, they often don’t meet professional standards in the event that a security breach occurs. A more proactive and efficient approach would add quality HD video surveillance that can communicate with your current security system through analytics and serve as the extra body you need keeping watch. The design and placement of your cameras is also key to your security.

Whether you need a professional evaluation of your current camera system or want to add cameras for the first time, Herring Technology is here to help.

Install Structured Cabling

Structured cabling is the information hub that transports the security data you need. It collects the data from surveillance cameras, AI analytics, access control systems, and more, and shares it with your security officer. The infrastructure of your cabling system is like the backbone of your security system; it is vital to the unique security plan of your workplace.

While not the flashiest example of security synergy, structured cabling will ensure the connectivity and scalability of your security efforts. It also happens to be our specialty!

Integrate Your Systems with Artificial Intelligence

As mentioned previously, artificial intelligence (AI) helps your security team be even more effective and knowledgeable about your surroundings and cybersecurity. Because AI analytics are not static, they learn and become more responsive and accurate with each use.

What was once science-fiction is now the future of technology. AI can be used in-tandem with cameras to detect weapons and alert first responders, track and recognize faces or bodies in real-time, and search for objects based on their attributes.

Take Your Security Up a Notch

If you are ready to be more strategic about how you use your security system for the benefit of your business and your security employees, Herring Technology is your trusted “Physical Security Professional” for security systems and products including access and perimeter control, security cameras, shot detection, fire detection, structured cabling, and more. While located in and serving Middle Tennessee, we travel to all 50 states in order to meet your company’s needs.

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