Video Surveillance: How it protects your business

A major security upgrade is happening at the campus of Georgia State University, as it prepares for the upcoming school year after several criminal incidents. Earlier this year, the campus was forced to temporarily close its library due to two additional reported armed robberies. Students have since been robbed at gunpoint during campus hours and assailants escaped with laptops and other valuables. Due to the increasing number of incidents, heavier security measures are being implemented.

The campus already has over 200 surveillance cameras situated throughout the 71-acre premise, but it plans to implement another 500 security cameras, specifically in low-lit areas and stairwells, to enhance security. The library itself will have additional security cameras, inside and out, as well as access control systems which will require the proper I.D. at all entrances.

According to Atlanta’s NPR Station, physical security measures will be implemented by GSU officials as they partner with Atlanta Police Department’s Operation Shield Video Integration Center.

A recent interview on Fox 54 WFXG, featured the university’s acting police chief saying, “We’re particularly glad to have complete coverage in all the stairwells. It was the president’s top priority that we get these initiatives started and completed.”

According to the Georgia State University website, the newest surveillance system will include:

  • IP Based Network Cameras
  • Centralized, managed and protected storage
  • 30 day recording retention period
  • Secure camera access
  • Daily visual inspection of cameras for functionality
  • GSUPD access to all cameras and recordings for investigative purposes

Georgia State University is just one of many campuses statewide that have chosen to enhance the security of their students and faculty. Security measures are being updated to match those of the highest commercial security systems, which includes an improved camera footage and remote access.

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