Technological advances in the past decade have skyrocketed the powerful capabilities of physical security systems. As these milestones continue it’s critical to update your business’s security strategy. By planning for potential threats you mitigate a vast amount of risks that can severely impact your business. The latest advancement is the integration of artificial intelligence into existing and new security systems. With this installment, the systems such as surveillance security cameras have increased capabilities and enhancements.

Crafting an A.I. Security Strategy

Developing a security plan is a proactive approach in which you analyze and strategize a specific, known process if your security is breached. There are countless benefits in regards to implementing a security strategy. This is applicable to your business, as well as, special events. Creating a security plan involves identifying any existing risks or concerns and concluding on a solution to resolve the problem and prevent it from happening again.

With major growth in A.I. mechanisms, we are able to install the artificially intelligent analytic technology to your security measures. This installment creates unparalleled analytical ability at an exponentially higher rate than any existing system or person. Because of this addition, you should ensure the overall security of your business or event by compiling a fresh A.I. security strategy. We have broken down the crucial components for crafting an artificially intelligent security strategy.

Identify The Security Measures Integrated with A.I.

Each piece of your entire physical security system is an equal, vital factor in securing your assets. Before developing a thorough A.I. security strategy you need to sit down with your security team to review the products utilizing A.I. analytics. It’s important your team understands the technology due to the fact that it still requires human operation. Because the analytics are self-learning they improve their efficiency and effectiveness over time with the guidance of security personnel.

However, remember that the A.I. still does the brunt of the work including scanning, analyzing, detection and notification on a much larger scale. By identifying the security products integrated with A.I. analytics you can be sure your security team members are educated on the new measures. A few common systems that integrate A.I. include:

Compile Prominent Threats or Risks

When developing a security plan for your business or event you need to identify threats and risks observed by you and your team. Threats can change and risks can evolve so coming back to this step on a regular basis is an advantageous way to keep your protection strong. One of the main benefits of A.I. analytics is that it’s a force multiplier. A.I. does not tire or become fatigued while scanning crowds or the various floors of a business for hours on end. With this improvement, you now have the ability to deter a multitude of risks scaling on a larger span. It’s important to identify these potentials breaches to prepare your team and analytics accordingly. At an event, for example, some possible threats may be:

  • Quick moving crowds entering the event
  • Low ratio of security personnel to guests
  • Multiple or large locations (i.e. galas, road races, political gatherings)
  • Numerous unknown cars/license plates entering the premises

By identifying these you can then construct specified plans and processes to integrate your A.I. analytics in the most proficient manner.

Make Necessary Improvements & Adjustments

Just like A.I. your security strategy is not static. It will evolve and expand improving with each analyzation and execution. As you craft your plan for your business or event it’s okay to come across places that need to be improved, adjusted slightly or omitted completely. These changes will continue to create a potent boundary between your assets and outside threats.

After events with your newly implemented A.I. security strategy sit down with your team to dissect the pros and cons of the systems. Was the position of your rapid deployment unit in the most effective location? Could you have utilized A.I. in an additional system that would have benefited you? If a threat was detected how did the team react and resolve the issue at hand? All of these questions will help you conclude on revisionary factors and therefore begin the initial steps of a fresh strategic development.

Herring Technology Can Install A.I. Analytics to Any of Our Security Products

Whether you’re hosting a major event or need to improve your business’s security, we have what you need to create a seamless, powerful A.I. security system. Contact one of our security experts today to discuss the design of an advanced security system equipped with artificially intelligent analytics.

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