Perimeter and Outdoor Security Systems in Nashville TN

It took a considerable amount of time, energy and passion to build your business to the point where it is today. As a business owner, you need to protect what you have built—both to avoid theft and damage and to maintain stability so you can continue to focus on growth. Perimeter gates are one of the most effective tools you can use to provide this protection. They can help you to guard your business and maintain control over your area. Business security gates are an investment in the future of your enterprise.

There are several benefits that security gates for businesses offer, including:

1. They make it hard to intrude on your property.

A security gate puts a tall metal wall between your business and would-be burglars, vandals and other undesirable visitors. You gain considerably more control over who can and cannot access your property. Anyone that wants to gain access without your permission must scale a tall, difficult to climb barrier. Attempting to climb the fence puts trespassers in full view of anyone within eyesight, and exposes them to your security cameras.

2. Security fences and gates greatly increase the difficulty of burglary.

Your business would probably be a gold mine for burglars brave enough to break in and steal things. But a security gate makes such burglaries much less likely. The barrier increases the difficulty of removing property from your grounds. The heavier or more difficult the property, the more impossible it becomes to leave with it. Burglars choose targets based not only on how much value they can extract, but how easy or difficult the extraction will be. A quality security fence is way too much trouble for most criminals.

3. You gain control over who enters your business.

Depending on your business, it may be in your best interest to control who comes on your property and when they are given access. A security gate gives you a high level of control that is not possible any other way. Some businesses only close the gate when business is closed. Others install a call box or other method of allowing visitors in after an initial screening process. You can change your entry protocol as you see fit based on your specific needs.

4. They minimize your need for security personnel.

A security gate makes the job of security personnel much easier because there is an obvious focal point for their attention. Since people can only enter or exit through the gate, you can hire a limited number of security staff to secure the grounds. They don’t have to watch from all directions or shuffle between every entrance to your building. Instead, they can stay at the gate and maintain control.

5. A security fence protects your security cameras.

Your security system should include cameras for maximum protection, but without a fence those cameras are vulnerable. They can be tampered with more easily if intruders can determine a way to approach them without being seen. But with a security fence, you make the path to access the cameras much more challenging. While it may be possible to find a blind spot when the approach is easy, with a fence there is no simple way to get to the cameras.

6. Your surveillance camera system does not have to be as intricate.

Designing a surveillance camera system that watches all approaches to your building requires experience. While it can certainly be done without a perimeter fence, the contractor you hire will have an easier time of it if the access to the building is more limited. A fence makes the surveillance design process.

7. Perimeter security systems for business are a visual deterrent.

There are several ways that business security gates make the physical trespassing process more difficult, but your fence will also create a visual deterrent. Simply through its presence, the fence indicates that your business is not a good target for unauthorized entry and/or burglary. Most would-be trespassers will see your fence from a distance and decide that there are other locations better suited to their needs. This is especially true when your fence is high-quality and professionally installed.

Helping You Protect Your Business

At Herring Technology, we offer business security solutions that combine cutting-edge technology with tried and true strategies. If you want to make your business more secure with a security fence and security gate, we can help. Please contact us now to learn more.

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