Every year, businesses lose billions of dollars from theft and vandalism that could’ve be easily prevented if the right measures were taken. Taking the right precautions to secure your business from theft will deter potential burglars and keep your business from incurring loses. Follow these 7 simple suggestions to keep your business safe:

1. Install an Alarm System

Installing a quality alarm system from trained professionals is the first measure that every business should take to prevent break-ins. An alarm system should be connected to a monitoring service that will alert you day or night if the alarm goes off, including details of when and where on your property the alarm was triggered.

2. Security Signage

Placing a window sticker or sign indicating the presence of an alarm system is one of the most effective ways to prevent a potential break-in. When a burglar sees that you have a security system in place, they will most likely forgo attempting to get into your business and will move along to their next target.

3. Know Who Has A Key

Keep track of which employees have a key to your business, and require any employee who leaves to turn in their key. If an employee leaves without turning in their key, re-key all locks and redistribute the new keys to employees. Having separate keys for each door/lock and not one master key also helps tighten security.

4. Lighting

Exterior lighting is a great prevention for break-ins. A burglar would much rather be in the cover of darkness than be exposed with a floodlight. Installing good exterior lighting with motion sensors will keep your business safe through the night.

5. Locks & Padlocks

Every entryway at your business should be secured with a deadbolt or padlock. Burglars will find any lapse in security and use it to their advantage to enter your business. Always keep doors locked when you’re away and have a system in place for staff when they are closing up for the night.

6. Perimeter Security Gate

A perimeter security gate allows you to control access of who is able to enter  your business’ property. A perimeter security gate also prevents burglars from getting onto your property after-hours, keeping your business secure when you’re away.


A closed-circuit television (CCTV), also known as video surveillance, allows you to keep eyes on your business at all times. Modern CCTV’s use wireless technology so that you are able to view the security feed from wherever you are on a computer or smartphone. Every burglar knows to look for a CCTV when casing a business, and if you already have one, they will likely avoid your business and move on to the next.

At Herring Technology, we offer the most advanced security systems to keep your business safe and free of break-ins. Our services include everything from alarm systems, security cameras, thermal image radars, access control, collision barriers and more. No project is considered “too small” because the need for security is never based on the size of the project. To learn more about how to keep your business secure, call us at (615) 846-2380.

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