Protecting your business begins by ensuring employees are prepared to deal with security  threats. This means educating staff on your new security system and teaching them day-to-day tips for following standard security protocols. Here we provide an employee security training guide for equipping your staff for security threats.

Set Access Control Protocols

All employees should fully understand the procedures for accessing your business. One best practice to consider is creating individual security codes for arming and disarming your security system. Doing so will help in tracking who is opening and closing up shop.

In addition, you can set up alerts for business leaders to be notified if employees attempt to access the property during nonbusiness hours.

Implement Holistic Security Training

Next, make sure to train your employees on all security risks and requirements to ensure a safe and protected work environment. This should generally be done during the employee onboarding process, and you might even Consider having a yearly review to keep all employees informed.

Here are some the items to cover as part of your employee security training:

  • What to do when a security alarm sounds
  • Security code rules and policy
  • Rules for tampering with equipment
  • How to report suspicious activity

Designate a Point of Contact

Choose one person to be the point of contact in the instance of a security breach. Make this person responsible for keeping a pulse on your commercial business’s security and maintaining a relationship with your security partner. Also, provide them with the correct resources for reaching out to your security partner.

Set Cyber Security Standards

In addition to physical security threats, modern businesses deal with threats online, making cyber security an increasingly important topic. Common cyber security protocols include ensuring all devices (whether they be desktops, laptops or ipads) are backed up by antivirus software, password protecting all devices and connecting devices via secure servers. Most importantly, never allow illegal downloading, as this opens the door to hackers

By educating employees on your business’s security policy, you will help to ensure a successful commercial security implementation. Learn more about commercial security by checking out this blog on the top 4 business security mistakes.


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