Improvements in technology are happening everywhere. And, it’s not only found in consumer products. The workplace is getting a makeover as well. Advancements to the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence, the cloud, and more are streamlining the way office spaces are organized, driven, and maintained.

A digitally-driven workplace is capable of increasing workflow, capacity, and creativity. It fosters an environment that breeds success. According to a recent study, companies that focus on digital systems and workflows are a request by not just management but the whole team. Almost, two-thirds of employees worried their business would fall behind if they didn’t implement upgraded digital strategies and application standards.

The Digital Workplace Revolution

While IoT makes it possible to improve productivity, it also opens the door for different issues. Security risks rise when you start to incorporate advanced technology. Your business can open itself up cyber attacks and human error that increases security breaches. From the infrastructure to the network connectivity, there are a number of ways technology and the workplace will require improvements to keep everyone safe.

Internal Security Threats

Security needs to keep up with the digital workflow. Adapting is vital to protect against unpredictable behaviors.

Plan for Human Error

In a recent study, almost half of the data breaches were attributed to human error. That means acquiring technology for better security is only the first step. Any business or company needs to devise a plan that incorporates actions in the event of human error. Actionable steps should include guidelines that are easy to follow. Clear instructions should be given to all employees about sharing and receiving sensitive information, what to do in the event of an emergency, and who is their security personnel. Giving employees more information upfront helps when there is an issue later. You and your security team can pinpoint the weaknesses and address them with better processes and equipment.

User-Friendly Equipment

While on the subject of equipment, let’s focus on the importance of it being user-friendly. When your devices aren’t up-to-scratch, it’s possible for employees to be more at risk. We’re talking all applications used to protect employee information and access. Burdensome guidelines with hard to follow directions invite error. The more complex the design, the more likely employees will find ways to bypass the system. The shortcuts attract more human error and create weaknesses in your plan. Many employers find that simple steps increase interaction with the security policy. While preparing for workplace security updates, evaluate weaknesses and plans laden with cumbersome information.

Monitor Behavior

Technology exists to help teams monitor employee behavior to improve safety. Access points and online information can be monitored for behavioral patterns and other activities from both employees and guests. These applications harmonize security solutions and often enhance the ability to maintain a user-friendly experience.

Workplace Technology Upgrades

Access Control Systems

Let’s start with the basics. You can regain control of your work environment with a smart access control system. Lock and key are the methods of the past. Keeping employees safe from external threats starts with access control systems. Today, you can create customized experiences that will utilize biometric readers to identify individuals as they enter or leave the building. Sectioning off rooms and retaining access points for a certain security clearance reduces the chance of the wrong information being exposed to many people. It can severely limit the amount of human error around sensitive information or products.


Monitoring behavior works in a couple of different ways but requires the use of HDCCTV cameras. These cameras are advanced enough to stream real-time images at a high resolution. It gives employers the ability to ensure employees are safe through 24/7 monitoring. The IP cameras work well in low-light areas and can log months work of footage. If areas of your security are failing, the cameras will be on hand to deliver the information you need to make improvements. Not to mention that mere sight will almost immediately thwart the desire to steal.


You can’t talk about technology without mentioning Artificial Intelligence. It’s a compelling upgrade to your system that provides analytic information. It’s advanced enough to identify potential danger and threats. What’s so unique and different with this technology is the ability to make improvements. The software is self-learning. It can take the information it receives and recycles it into an improved experience. It becomes more knowledgeable and competent. The advantage of using A.I. is the quick response time and consistency. Fewer mistakes are recorded, and it can handle higher volumes of space and people.

Workplace Security Nashville

You can change your security system to a smarter, digitally focused system. Technology is making improvements to keep employees and your workplace safer. Whether you are trying to identify suspicious activity or help personnel improve workflow, Herring Technology is here to help with advanced security solutions in Middle Tennessee.

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