Business events, gatherings, and conferences pose the need for higher security measures due to the influx of people in a concentrated area. These events should be about celebration, education, progression, and other positively impacting factors. In order to be able to focus on these components of any event, it’s imminent to implement high-quality, technologically advanced and highly effective security systems. Doing so will keep your staff, visitors and assets secure, safe and allow everyone to be able to enjoy the festivities

Integrating Analytic Advances to Security Measures for More Secure Business Events & Gatherings

A.I. and Security Systems

Nowadays the term “artificial intelligence” can cater to many aspects of technology. There are the self-driving cars which utilize complex AI software. You can find self-cleaning vacuums in which artificial intelligence drives its operation. For us at Herring, the AI technology has helped further our security system’s analytical ability and responsiveness. In simple terms, this AI advancement makes the security system it’s associated with, such as our Rapid Deployment Unit, more efficient. AI can be integrated into any of our security measures creating a more cohesive, stronger system.

By incorporating this technology you are creating more responsive, consistent and accurate security. AI in security systems affects the analytical ability directly. The analytic technology works with the cameras and the self-learning software in AI in order to scan, analyze and detect. The key point to remember is that because of the AI integration, the security system is now constantly learning to perform better and gain more accuracy with every scan. From forensic searches and facial recognition to license plate scans and appearance search capability, this integration is a critical and highly effective advancement.

Rapid Deployment Unit & A.I. Analytics

There are a vast amount of advantageous components when integrating AI into any security system. When looking at the best security options for business events, utilizing analytics with our rapid deployment unit is among the top choices. Because of the responsive, accurate and consistent abilities as broken down above, it makes for an exceptionally secure environment. Layering multiple security systems like surveillance systems, perimeter security and so forth is the optimal security strategy. A key layer when securing large-scale events and crowds is our rapid deployment unit.

This technology is one of the most ideal choices due to:

  • Convenient mobility
  • 360-degree radius scanning capability and a telescope reaching to upwards of 25 feet
  • Immediate, real-time remote access to integrated cameras
  • Up to 15 days/night straight of constant operation
  • Security camera integration with swapping options (i.e integrate thermal cameras, AI license plate recognition)

Our rapid deployment unit is such a powerful tool to use and when you add in the advanced analytics, you are setting your security up for the ultimate wherewithal and success. By creating a bond between the analytics’ benefits and those of our rapid deployment unit you now have security tools that are highly useful during these events.

Let’s take a look at a few key ways the integration of the rapid deployment unit and AI can effectively and efficiently secure your business event.

Check-In Process

When guests arrive at a business event or conference there is usually an extended check-in process, badge handout, etc. This can be a tedious process due to security checks and the need for each individual to be processed and passed through. By utilizing analytics within the rapid deployment unit you can speed up this process. The analytics can use the cameras mounted in the unit to scan each individual at an extremely high rate allowing the lines to move swiftly and have everyone accounted for attending your event. This also gives the analytics the opportunity to detect any possible threats with facial recognition before they are even able to enter your facility.

Large Crowd Scalability

When hosting a business event many factors are positive, fun and exciting to organize and implement. One thing that many hosts need to consider is the high amount of people in, typically, a large space, sometimes throughout multiple areas. Because of this, the security personnel has the responsibility of protecting a lot of space and bodies. For the host, this could be a costly aspect of the event because they’ll need to hire an extra amount of personnel. You can alleviate that stress (and cost) with the rapid deployment mobile AI security system. The scalability of AI is one of its strongest benefits. It is a force multiplier. It has the ability to monitor a vast amount of people without the host having to hire extra people.

Immediate Response to Potential Threat Detection

Having to react to a potential threat at a crowded business event can be a very complex process. You don’t want to just yell “fire” in a crowded room, it needs to be strategic and of course successful response. With analytics, the technology is well beyond the human capability and its reaction to potential threats are accurate, consistent and effective.

While you are enjoying the festivities, the analytics is constantly working to scan and detect any danger. If a red flag appears the analytics will respond swiftly and send out the right messages and data to the necessary security personnel. As mentioned,  a small security staff will need to monitor the analytics and will be able to dispatch the next steps. But this swift response will help deter the danger from getting worse or more detrimental.

Herring Technology’s A.I. Analytics Can Upgrade Your Business’s Security System

There are numerous advantages to securing your business event with rapid deployment mobile AI. You are able to enjoy the event while maintaining a monitored, safe environment for all attendees. The rapid deployment unit can be moved and placed anywhere needed, making it easy for hosts of conferences and events alike to always have this security system, no matter where they go. Our analytic technology can be upgraded into an existing security system, give one of our expert security providers to discuss how you can up your security with AI analytics.

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