Ways to Keep your Campus Safe

Schools are multi-faceted, dynamic environments, and implementing a security system that is both effective and uninhibiting is a tall order. With school shootings and terrorist activity on the rise, school security is more critical than ever. Keeping students safe is a top priority for any educational institution, but pulling this off is easier said than done. All school administrators face a few major security concerns; let’s look at some practical ways that these issues can be addressed.

Managing Access To Your School’s Campus

One consistent security challenge for every school is controlling access to campus. How can you effectively regulate the flow of traffic into and out of your school?

  1. It works to your advantage if you have the ability to place doors in locations that are easily visible to your faculty members and security staff.
  2. If the financial resources are available to do so, you should consider installing a system that will alert faculty members and security staff when a door is left open. This will help you keep your school secure.
  3. Ideally, you would want to install a security system that would enable you to lock every door in your school remotely. This way, if a shooter were able to infiltrate your campus, you would still have options left to keep your students safe.
  4. In addition to installing systems to fortify and monitor your school’s doors, you should consider installing a fence that is especially difficult to cut or climb. That means you should avoid installing a simple chain-link fence if possible!

Controlling Who Visits Your School’s Campus

Regulating who is and is not allowed to enter your school’s campus is absolutely essential for keeping your students safe. If you are serious about effectively controlling who is allowed have access to your school, one of the first things you should do is get rid of your paper-based sign-in log! Not only are these logs unprofessional and often illegible, but also they have the potential to create more vulnerability than they eliminate. For example, if there is a fire, it will be very difficult to figure out exactly who is left on campus if your guests forgot to “sign-out,” as they often do. Additionally, it will be difficult and time-consuming to flag intruders when they arrive at your school.

You should consider integrating your access and visitor management systems. Modern-day security systems include intercoms equipped with video cameras so that the identity of guests can be visually verified before the gates are opened. Some systems can perform security screenings of visitors within seconds. For example, if a sex offender is attempting enter your school’s campus, systems such as these would be able to flag them and notify all faculty and security personnel instantly.

Monitoring Your School’s Visitors (And Students)

If you haven’t already, you should seriously consider installing security cameras on campus. CCTV or IP Camera systems can do a lot to keep your students safe. You could even go a step further and spring for a mobile integration of your security camera system. Security cameras are relatively easy to install, so these security measures can be implemented quickly. Why should you install security cameras in your school?

  1. Security cameras that are clearly visible do a lot to deter threats that could have put your students in danger. Sending a strong message to visitors that your school is a safe place will discourage crime and reassure parents.
  2. Security cameras will allow your security staff and school administrators to effectively monitor many different areas at one time in order to respond to threats quickly and effectively.
  3. As an added bonus, the presence of security cameras has been shown to improve the behavior of students. Specifically, security cameras have been linked to decreases in violence between students and instances of school vandalism.

Herring Technology Has Your Back

It is not only important to implement solid security system, but it is also critical that your staff be trained accordingly. At Herring Technology, we are well equipped to help you select, implement, and manage the security system that is right for you. To schedule a free security risk assessment, get in touch today!


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