With the holiday season fast approaching, business owners have to do more than just prepare for the seasonal rush. Regardless of whether you’re in the sales industry or not, there are a lot of risks that arise during this time of year, particularly as more employees take time off. Are you adequately prepared to keep your business safe during the coming weeks? If you can’t answer confidently, here are 4 things you can do today to change that.

Invest in a Commercial Security System

– When your building is empty, what’s to deter would-be thieves from breaking in and helping themselves to your equipment, merchandise and other valuables? A system that includes security alarms for your business can help deter criminal activity before it takes place, providing peace of mind and an added level of protection against costly loss.

Control Employee Access

– In many instances, crime occurs from within. As the busy holiday season approaches, the ensuing chaos can provide those who wish to do your business harm the opportunity to do so undetected. Access control systems can help protect your company against this risk by preventing unauthorized personnel from gaining entry without the need for paid security professionals.

Install Good Lighting

– Dim or nonexistent lighting can be a haven for a would-be criminal who is attempting to gain access to your office or storefront. In many cases, simply ensuring that all points of entry are well-lit can help thwart potential break-ins. Furthermore, providing adequate lighting in common areas, such as your parking lot and walkways will also keep employees and clientele safer.

Be Careful About Decorations

– If you decide to deck the halls, be sure to use only decorations that are designed with safety in mind. Holiday lights on a real tree may look lovely, but they’re also a potential fire hazard, as are other popular holiday décor, like candles. Be mindful of the type of accessories you use so you can avoid placing your business at risk of damage. And make sure employees understand the rules for decorating their work spaces.

The holidays are a joyful time, but for a business owner, it can also mean increased risk of theft or property damage. Keep your company protected from such dangers by implementing the above tips and you and your employees will all be able to enjoy a festive, safe holiday season.


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