With security risks ranging in all levels of severity, we think implementing a security system that can maintain it all is the most efficient way to protect your business. You are able to mitigate these risks with high-quality state-of-the-art physical security systems such as access control systems or rapid deployment units. However, these security measures have the ability to be even more potent and beneficial.

Avoid and Deter Potential Security Threats with A.I. Analytics

Unfortunately, in today’s world, there are many ways for criminals to threaten your business. Whether the threats are from the cyber side or physical security breaches, it’s pertinent that you keep your security system updated with the latest advances. This way you can continue to focus on more pressing business matters and have a peace of mind knowing your property, employees, and assets are safe. There are have been major technological strides in the world of physical security and we believe upgrading your existing security systems to adapt to these highly effective innovations is a critical factor in securing your environment.

Let’s take a look at how A.I. analytics can alleviate you business security risks.

Force Multiplier

Arguably the biggest advantageous factors about A.I. analytics is the scalability. This analytic programming is able to negate the need for more security personnel on duty securing your business. Because of the technological efficiency of the analytics, these security systems can monitor larger crowds and spans of areas. You are multiplying the force of your security systems without ever having to hire another guard, you actually can probably minimize the number of guards on at one time.

When A.I. analytics is implemented into your HDCCTV surveillance system, for example, it is able to scan for potential threats throughout your property constantly without ever tiring as a human would. This allows the security systems to monitor more areas without the worry of human error and also has the ability to become more efficient with time. Instead of the usual static analytics, A.I. creates security for a higher volume and will continue to grow its ability, knowledge and reach.

Swift, Accurate & Adaptable

The A.I. is a self-learning piece of technology meaning the more it scans, the more it understands and the more efficient it grows. Because of this constant adjustment and improvement, the A.I. analytics is exponentially quicker, more consistent and delivers result with much greater accuracy in comparison to a human or existing analytic technology. If your property is secured by a perimeter gate with integrated security cameras and upgraded A.I. analytics, it has the capability to scan every license plate that enters the premise.

When outside guests enter your property there is a heightened risk of intrusion or criminal threats. The A.I. analytics can scan, analyze and conclude the information of the license plate in a matter of seconds and has the ability to continue to do so at a high rate (i.e when dealing with a line of cars). By chance one of these plates is detected as a threat the analytics technology will send an immediate response to the proper monitors where your security personnel can act swiftly with all the information they need.

Universal Use for A.I.

No matter what industry you’re in the utilization of A.I analytics within your security systems is a crucial component in protecting your assets. A major beneficial quality is the variety of uses, integrations and overall effectiveness. Each business, from every industry, can rest assure that by implementing A.I. analytics they are going to receive a unique, specified system tailored exactly for their needs. The analytics software has countless abilities that can be applied to banks, schools, warehouses, hospitals and more. Some of the major advances within A.I. that can help your business include:

  • Real-time forensic searches (i.e. facial recognition)
  • Behavioral recognition 
  • Intrusion detection
  • License plate scanning
  • Appearance searches

If you own a financial institute or manage a banking branch in the business district you interact with people on a constant flow, sometimes a high volume of people at once. When integrating A.I analytics to your security system it can scan each and every face in the building to be able to detect threats, as well as, monitor any suspicious movements or body language. The same benefit can apply to a school system with lots of students, outside guests, faculty (etc.). This universal application aspect of A.I. analytics further solidifies its powerful ability to protect your business and mitigate any security risks that you may face.

Herring Technology’s Can Integrate A.I. Analytics into Your Business’s Security System

With artificial intelligence, technological advances are massive and applying those to the analytics within our security systems have furthered the effectiveness and quality. We are able to upgrade your security systems and implement this new technology so you can deter any threats. Call one of our security experts today to design your new security system equipped with state-of-the-art A.I. analytics.

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