Our security systems have thwarted the plans of burglars once again. Recently, two nineteen-year-olds broke into The Nashville Armory in an attempt to steal weapons and ammunition.

Thousands of Dollars Worth of Product Taken

The thieves took firearms valued at $9,600 and ammunition valued at $1,500. What they didn’t know was that we had recently installed a security alarm at The Nashville Amory. Once it was triggered, police arrived within minutes of the break-in. A CCTV system was used to identify the burglars.

Silent Alarm Stops Criminals in Their Tracks.

Law enforcement caught the crooks and found the loot in a stolen getaway car. Through further investigation, they discovered that this was just one of three cars the robbers had taken from an auto repair company the day before. According to authorities, the teens were planning to use the cars in future robberies.

Who knows what may have happened if police hadn’t been alerted by the security alarm. We are just glad the thieves were caught before they could cause even more damage.

Head on over to Fox 17 to find out more about The Nashville Armory Robbery.

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