What are you doing to protect your home or business? In 2017, a study found that 1.7 million burglaries occurred within the United States during that calendar year. Most of these burglaries were found to have occurred between the hours of 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and lasted eight to 10 minutes.

Often abbreviated to CCTV, closed circuit television uses cameras to record and monitor real-time activity through broadcasting signals. By using CCTV, you can keep yourself protected and monitor what is happening at your home or business at any time. But, when setting these up, it’s important that you’re putting them in the right place to ensure that they keep you protected.

Here are some places you should consider protecting with CCTV:

  1. Front & Backdoors
  2. Off-Street Windows
  3. Garage
  4. Yards

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Front & Backdoors

It’s not uncommon to forget to lock your front or backdoor. According to a report by the Bureau of Justice, 34% of burglars use the front door when breaking into a home. Research as has also shown that 22% of thieves enter homes from the backdoor. Along with keeping an eye on everyone who enters and exists your home, you’ll be able to monitor things like package deliveries or anyone who may walk up to your door.

If you’re going out of town or away for long periods of time, you’ll be able to monitor what’s going on remotely. It also allows you to have months of backlogged footage that you’ll be able to review whenever needed.

Off-Street Windows

Windows provide another entry point into your home. Even if you have strong locks and keep your blinds or curtains closed, burgalrs will still try to break the glass and enter through them. Reports have found that 23% of burglars will try to break into a home through a rear window. As it’s away from main roads and anyone who may drive by, it makes it easier for them to not be seen.

By placing cameras on any rear windows, you’ll be able to minor any suspicious activity and keep burglars away. It’s been reported that the combination of front and backdoor cameras and cameras on off-street windows prevents 80% of burglars from breaking into your home.


Placing a camera on your garage further protects your home as 9% of burglars try to break in through it. Depending on the type of garage you have, it’s possible for a burglar to lift the garage door or push it inwards. If you have a garage door with a sensor, it may not close all the way if something is too close to it without you noticing.

This can lead to someone trying to steal your car, any tools, or break into your home. You can place the camera in a corner of your garage that gives you a full view of the area and place one directly outside of your garage to further deter criminals.


Front and backyards provide an additional entry point into your home. Especially backyards as they can allow burglars to approach your home undetected. Having a camera allows you to further monitor any suspicious activity and know when someone is approaching your home sooner. Using a camera with night-vision offers further protection against anyone who may try to break into your home or business late at night or early in the morning.

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