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COVID-19 has changed the way we are looking at our businesses. Groups of people are continually being seen as a dangerous thing. And as the ability to test people for not only having the virus but having the antibodies is being rushed to the market, we need to find other ways to screen for the virus.

Businesses are beginning to reopen but the fears still exist. People are going to be wearing masks. There will be a level of nervousness for both customers and employees of these businesses.

So how can you keep everyone safe against something you can’t see?

This is where thermal temperature monitoring comes in. We’ve already seen versions of it in China, South Korea, and even in parts of the US. Visitors to certain locations get their temperatures checked one-by-one before they enter.

This can be a great first step toward keeping those who might be positive for the virus out of crowded areas. But how can it be improved?

Thermal temperature monitoring takes this idea and streamlines the process.

Why Check Temperatures?

The CDC recommends a few different tactics that should be used by businesses as they begin to reopen. The pandemic is still going on so we can’t simply go immediately back to business as usual. The most well-known safety measures still need to be used. Social distancing and use of protective equipment such as masks and gloves will still need to be worn when people go into public spaces.

Temperature checks are going to be another protective step. These are important because a fever is one of the symptoms of the virus. Those who are showing signs of an elevated body temperature have a higher possibility of being carriers of the virus.

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How Does It Work?

Thermal imaging technology is nothing new. It’s been used by firefighters for years. It allows them to find fires and other hotspots within a building even when their vision is obstructed by smoke, structures, or darkness.

Thermal temperature monitoring uses this technology. But instead of monitoring the heat in a building, it measures the heat within a person. Areas with higher temperatures appear on-screen as different colors from those that are cold. Think of a temperature map on the weather segment of the local news when colder areas are calm blue colors and hot areas are vibrant reds. These colors can be seen on a person and those running a fever will be spotted by their darker shades of red.

Those who appear on thermal temperature monitoring as having the possibility of running a fever will be again checked with a handheld device in order to verify the results.

Benefits of Thermal Temperature Monitoring

Ability To Check Multiple People

Thermal temperature monitoring has the capability of checking large groups of people as opposed to the limits of handheld devices. In fact, it can check up to six people at a time. This adds up to the ability of checking 60 people for elevated temperatures every minute. This keeps the flow of traffic moving and avoids creating a situation with multiple people waiting in line to enter. Social distancing is improved when groups of people aren’t forced to gather.

Calms Nerves

There are going to be a lot of nervous people. They are going to be looking at everyone around them with a level of suspicion. Providing them with a temperature check when they enter a building will give them something they can look to as a means of mitigating the chances of an infected person entering alongside them. This is going to keep your customers and your employees in a better headspace and help everyone get back to normal.

Keeps Security Safe

We ask a lot of our security personnel. They are our first line of defense against a variety of potential dangers. Providing them with the tools they need to safely perform their duties is incredibly important. Minimizing the amount of people they speak to on a face-to-face basis helps them achieve social distancing as much as possible.

Who Can Use This?

Thermal temperature monitoring can be used in any space that a large number of people will be visiting. This includes office buildings, hospitals, schools, airports, sporting arenas, and much more. Place the technology in security entrances or simply in areas of heavy crowd flow. There are permanent options as well as temporary and handheld options. These choices personalize the technology to fit your needs and help you get back to normal operations.

In fact, Amazon has already started using this technology to monitor its workers for spikes in fever.

Visit Herring Technology for Thermal Temperature Monitoring in Nashville, TN

Herring Technology is proud to offer everything you need to keep your employees and customers safe. These are challenging times. Nobody is completely sure what’s going to happen so we need to use every tool at our disposal. Thermal temperature monitoring can be the difference between a safe business and the opposite.

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