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The holidays bring many of the same things every year — travel, family get-togethers, lots of shopping, and increased fire danger.

This fire danger relates to all types of buildings and establishments. Many people might think it’s mainly relegated to people’s homes — because of decorated trees becoming dry and surrounded by flammable presents. And while many homes unfortunately catch on fire during this time of year, commercial buildings are also at risk.

The good news is that you can put systems in place to avoid massive damages should a holiday fire break out. A fire detection system can give you the time you need to both get your people to safety, as well as minimize the spread of the fire.

Here’s what you need to know about fire detection systems for this holiday season:

  • Early Detection Is Your Best Chance
  • 24 Hour Protection is Essential
  • Fire Detection Systems Provide Peace of Mind
  • Examples of Potentially Dangerous Situations
  • Professional Installation Give You the Best Chance

Early Detection Is Your Best Chance

Fire spreads quickly. It doesn’t need much more than an inciting spark, fuel, and oxygen to consume everything within reach. And if there’s an ample amount of flammable materials nearby, the results can be catastrophic.

Every second counts when a fire breaks out. An early warning provides three essential benefits in case of a fire:

  1. It gives you the opportunity to put the fire out if it’s still small.
  2. It allows anybody nearby to vacate the premises, saving injuries and potentially lives.
  3. It gives firefighters a better chance of stopping the fire before it consumes the entire building.

Fire detection systems give an immediate warning when a fire breaks out. This alert is sent to local authorities as well as people in the area. An avoidance of smoke inhalation, potential burns, and widespread damage is the greatest benefit of a fire detection system.

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24 Hour Protection is Essential

Fires don’t only break out during standard work hours. An absence of coworkers and employees while a fire breaks out can be a huge benefit in that nobody is put in immediate physical harm. But this also means there isn’t anybody there to call the fire department or put out a small fire themselves.

Commercial buildings also frequently hold multiple units. This means that a fire in your business after-hours might create a massive problem for another business that is still in operation.

Fire detection systems provide around-the-clock protection so the above benefits are present even when you aren’t. They alert anybody else in the area, even if they aren’t in direct contact with the fire.

Smoke, carbon monoxide, and fire damage can spread quickly. Alerting everyone in the area — even when you’re not around — is essential.

Fire Detection Systems Provide Peace of Mind

Chances are that your building will rarely — if ever — experience a fire. And even though the holidays are generally a more dangerous time for these situations, we truly hope you don’t need to deal with the aftermath of a situation like this.

So why get a fire detection system if you don’t think you’ll have a fire in your building?

Because you never truly know. Even a business that maintains consistently safe practices can still have an accident. And installing a fire detection system prepares you for the worst situation just in case.

The most long-lasting benefit of a fire detection system is the peace of mind associated with knowing you’re covered should a fire break out. This extends to every member of your team as well as anybody that enters your establishment.

Examples of Potentially Dangerous Situations

The holidays present a unique set of dangers when compared to the rest of the year. It’s common for businesses to add extra decorations that might be kept around from year-to-year. And as these decorations get older, they become more dangerous.

Avoid reusing string lights for more than a couple years. A simple short in the wire can create a spark. And avoid connecting multiple plugs into a singular outlet.

Decorations shouldn’t be hung from the sprinkler system, light fixtures,  or any other essential aspects of your business. And never use nails or staples to secure lights.

Professional Installation Give You the Best Chance

Fire detection systems don’t have to be incredibly expensive. In fact, working with a professional like Herring Technology in Nashville, TN will give your building the protection it needs without an exorbitant price tag.

The experts at Herring Technology will work with you to put together a personalized plan of action. This accounts for the specific characteristics of your property as well as any potential dangers or issues.

Are you ready to get a specially-designed fire detection system to protect your property through the holidays and beyond?

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