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There will be times when installing a full security system just isn’t feasible. Whether it’s a sporting event, a construction site, or maybe even emergency services, security monitoring is important. These situations can often be full of people. You’re going to want to know as soon as something goes wrong. But without a building to connect a network of cameras, how can you keep the area safe?

The answer is to use mobile security systems, otherwise known as Rapid Deployment Units. These systems offer various options to fit your specific event or business. Let’s look at your options to maintain security when standard systems aren’t available.

Rapid Deployment Trailer

Mobile security doesn’t have to be flimsy. Crowds can grow rough. Weather can be an issue. When you’re up against external forces but need to maintain surveillance, there’s nothing better than the Rapid Deployment Trailer. This trailer is perfect for any situation where you either don’t have time to set up a full surveillance system, or don’t need a surveillance system for a prolonged amount of time. You can rest easy knowing this trailer will cover your needs, around the clock, for as long as you need it.

The Rapid Deployment Trailer is a powerhouse in mobile security. It is highly adaptable to your particular needs. The available technology is always changing, making this a very exciting addition to your security arsenal. This trailer can be fitted with IP cameras. These cameras don’t house an internal recording device. Instead, they connect through a local area network to send the images to an outside server. This ensures your surveillance videos are never in danger of being lost.

Other featured options include motion-activated lights and audio devices, shot detection, license plate recognition, and facial recognition software. The Rapid Deployment Trailer has the option to connect power either through solar panels or shore power generators.


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Rapid Deployment Skid

But what if you don’t have available space for the Rapid Deployment Trailer? Or, what if you’d like to have multiple units covering the area from different positions? This is a perfect opportunity for the Rapid Deployment Skid. This Rapid Deployment Unit offers many of the same features as the trailer, but with a smaller footprint.

This means the skid will be a lot less intrusive. It will blend in better with the environment while providing security monitoring services just the same. Because of its smaller size, the Rapid Deployment Skid is available at a fraction of the cost of the trailer. This affords you the possibility of employing multiple units to get more robust coverage of your event or worksite.

Obstructed corners are never good when it comes to surveillance. Stationing multiple Rapid Deployment Skids will cover more ground. This makes your area more secure and provides more accountability should something go wrong.

Pole Camera

Perhaps you don’t have enough room for even the Rapid Deployment Skid. The most unobtrusive option for a Rapid Deployment Unit is the Pole Camera. It is perfectly suited for remote locations where other options might not be available. This camera can be installed directly onto an existing pole. If one isn’t available, Herring Technology can provide a heavy-duty tripod to support it.

The Pole Camera is 100% solar powered or AC powered and has 3G/4G/LTE wifi connectivity. The portability of the Pole Camera allows viewing from different angles. High definition cameras with six megapixels capture color images and auto time lapse. The appliances are cooled from the inside and weather-hardened so you can be sure it will operate in all conditions.

This full featured cloud-based camera interface offers the most cost-effective monitoring and time lapse solutions.

Get Rapid Deployment Units For your Event Or Worksite

These security options can be a great asset in many different situations. Their maneuverability and adaptability make them a great addition to any security plan or system. For instance, imagine a child that gets separated from his or her parents in a crowd. It’s easy to lose sight of someone quickly in a large group. These high definition cameras can focus in on a particular area of the crowd to find out exactly where the missing person went.

Herring Technology’s Rapid Deployment Units were trusted to secure the NFL Draft when it came to Nashville this year. If these systems were trusted to secure an estimated 600,000 people, you can trust them at your event or worksite.


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