When considering purchasing a security system for your business, it’s best to arm yourself with the facts. There are costs involved with installation and monthly fees for your security system that must be considered. However, is there a price that can be placed on protecting your assets? There’s never been a better time to safeguard your business. Here’s why:

Protect your belongings
A break-in at your business can be costly, both financially and emotionally. Whether you keep valuable information about your company, personal belongings or large amounts of money in your place of business, a security system from Herring Technology can protect you from these devastating losses. See some of the businesses we’ve helped protect Here.

Crime Deterrence
Not only does a home security system help apprehend intruders while they are in the process of a break in, but a security system at your business will stop them from burglarizing in the first place. A criminal is less likely to break in if he or she sees a visible security system.

Providing a Safe Environment
There’s nothing worse than feeling unsafe at work. Part of your job as a manager or business owner is to make sure that your employees are safe. In addition to your employees, you must think about your customers. A security system at your business will give you, your workers and clientele peace of mind.

Prevent Lawsuits
A surveillance system can provide evidence if a dispute was to occur with an employee or customer. A security system at your business can document all internal activities, so there will never a question about what did or did not occur. Preventing these types of costly lawsuits will save you money in the long run.

Taking control
Along with 24/7 monitoring services from Herring Technology, security systems can also be accessed via your smartphone. This remote access provides you with complete control over your business even when you are not there. If you are investing in one of Herring Technology’s access control systems for your business, you can manage employee access authorizations. In addition to providing time records, monitoring employee access will help minimize internal theft.

To learn more about the types of security systems that can benefit your business, visit https://herringtechnology.com/ or call (615) 846-2380.

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