Surveillance Security System in Parking Garage Nashville

Whether your business uses a simple parking lot or a multi-story parking garage, it’s a known fact that parking facilities are more prone to violence, theft, and injury than most other facets of the workplace. It is here that your employees will be alone and vulnerable. Many people leave their valuables in their car, making your parking facilities susceptible to theft. Also, when operating a vehicle in the sorts of confined spaces that are common in parking facilities, accidents are not uncommon.

Given the vulnerabilities at play in your parking facilities, you should seriously consider taking steps to keep your employees and customers safe in this environment. Today we will discuss a few practical things you can do to maintain a safe environment in your parking facilities.

Keep An Eye On Traffic Flow

You should spend some time observing traffic patterns in your garage to determine when your employees and customers will be at the highest risk of an accident. If you share a parking facility with other businesses, you might see surges in traffic as people arrive and depart from work each day. If you operate near an events venue, such as a sports arena, concert hall, or convention center, you will be subject to other sorts of traffic fluctuations.

Once you have identified time brackets when the flow of traffic is heaviest, you might consider hiring somebody to direct traffic and help manage this surge. If, however, you decide that this is impractical, you should at least invest in a few strategically placed signs to help meter the flow of vehicles.

Install Security Cameras

Your parking facilities are one of the few places where your employees will be alone and vulnerable. You can help keep them safe as they arrive and depart from work by installing security camerasin your garage.

The security cameras should be clearly visible, as this will serve as deterrence against potential crimes. You should place your cameras thoughtfully so that you are without blind spots, and can effectively monitor both the entrances and exits of your parking facilities. Get in touch with a security technologies company when you are ready to talk about making this purchase, and implementing security protocols.

Make Sure Your Garage/Lot Is Well-Lit

Areas that are not well lit are more prone to violent crime. Installing a few lights would do wonders in keeping your employees and customers safe, as well as giving them peace of mind. A darkened parking garage at night can be quite intimidating if you are alone!

As you begin to install your lights, you should make absolutely certain that your walkways, elevators, stairwells, and parking spaces are all completely illuminated. You should also make sure that you’re not leaving any scary dark corners unlit. If you want to save on energy costs, you might consider installing motion-activated lights. To have a an in-depth discussion about this you should get in touch with a security technology company.

Stay On Top Of Maintenance

Maintenance is important because parking facilities that are in disrepair are not only dangerous, but invite external threats. Indeed, a staircase with a faulty railing could lead an employee to fall down and be seriously injured. However, a parking garage that is in bad-enough-repair that this is even a risk probably is also sending the wrong message to criminals. Just as easily-visible security cameras deter crime, poor maintenance can invite it!

You want to send a message not only to your employees, but also to the outside world that your parking garage is a safe place. This might require you to spend some money cleaning the place up.

Have Questions About Parking Garage Security In Nashville?

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