4 security threats to pay attention to in Nashville

Nothing is more important than providing your business with commercial-grade surveillance systems that protect you, your employees, and assets. Many companies work with sensitive information or large quantities of money that would benefit from state-of-the-art systems that offered maximum security and total flexibility. Ineffective technology can create security “blind spots” that leave you vulnerable. By implementing multiple devices, you have access to different features that provide additional layers of protection for your financial institution.

Access Control System

Access Control Systems allows or revokes individuals rights to enter a restricted area. These systems are ideal for businesses that house sensitive information or store large sums of money. The uniquely coded access cards can be distributed to personnel that has permission to work with the sensitive material. Computerized measurements and the analysis of a person’s physical characteristics grant access. These aspects could be anything from fingerprints to retina scanning to ensure the best possible security. Access Control Systems are flexible to the end user and can be set up to provide a keypad entry system instead of a card reader. To use the device, you would be given a numerical/alphabetical code for each employee to receive access. Regardless of the option you implement, these advanced systems provide commercial-grade security 24/7.

IP Camera

Employing the use of a security camera should be an essential part of every business, but banks and financial institutions would benefit the most from its advanced features. There are many pros to the implementation of the IP Camera, but the main selling point is the higher resolution video. If there is an instance where you need to identify a suspect or bring evidence to a court, HD video will provide the best evidentiary support. If you couple this feature with the ability to live stream footage and to email videos seals a solid case against the perpetrator. Motion detection provides you with the ability to control the device remotely if it’s activated. Additionally, these types of videos aren’t easily affected by “noise,” which means footage can be kept safe for longer periods of time.

Infrared Camera

Infrared cameras use thermal imaging technology that is invaluable to businesses who carry sensitive information. These cameras pick up on the heat radiating from different objects and people. The human body’s temperature sits around 100 degrees Fahrenheit, which is a stark contrast to inanimate objects that don’t project heat at all. When the infrared energy is detected, the device converts the data into an electronic signal and produces a thermal image that performs temperature calculations. In the dead of night, these cameras can find objects/people that would typically be invisible to the naked eye. You can get both indoor and outdoor cameras to give you the flexibility to create an advanced system that works for you. Standard security systems are essential, but these cameras provide security teams immediate access to threats.

Shooter Detection Systems

When it comes to the security of a bank or financial institution, you can never have too much. Shooter Detection Systems enables businesses to benefit from gunshot identification software. This technology has infrared gunfire flash detection that produces the highest performing, fully automatic, and most accurate detection available. The revolutionary system instantaneously registers gunshots and relays the information via a floor plan map with shot location. This data is sent by text, email, or your choice of communication to key personnel and security team to alert them of the immediate danger. It is also capable of sending mass notification alerts to desktops and mobile devices. The system integrates with other security systems to activate the use of security cameras set-up in the area. If those features didn’t seem secure enough, it could also initiate lockdown procedures. With these sensors installed throughout your building, you can rely on critical information being relayed quickly to take control of the situation.

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