With an increase in gun related crimes around the world, gunshot detection technology is becoming increasingly more popular. Herring Technology is proud to partner with Shooter Detection Systems (SDS) to offer the Guardian Indoor Active Shot Detection System to clients throughout Middle Tennessee and beyond. 

Using cutting edge acoustic gunshot identification software and infrared gunfire flash detection, the Guardian Indoor Active Shot Detection System (SDS) detects gunshots instantly. With this system, you get the most reliable and accurate information available on the market. As per SDS, the Guardian’s acoustic and infrared detection system provides the highest rate of detection with zero false alarms. Protect and safeguard your employees, customers, and yourself with the right shot detection systems in place.

Here’s what you need to know about Herring Technology’s shot detection system: 

  1. Immediate Notifications
  2. Protect Building Occupants
  3. Real-Time Tracking 
  4. Cloud-Based System
  5. Herring Technology Shot Detection System

Immediate Notifications 

When it comes to gunshots in or around your property, ensuring your security efforts relay the right information at the right time will be extremely important. A shot detection system from Herring Technology will notify you and your security partner immediately. Additionally, handheld and desktop devices will also automatically receive mass notification alerts when shots are detected. 

These shot detection systems, when integrated with security systems, can initiate lockdown procedures, provide information to first responders, and relay floor plans to personnel or to building occupants when integrated with security systems. Receive immediate notifications when gunshots are detected with Herring Technology’s shot detection system.  

Protect Building Occupants

As part of their software, shot detection systems use a sensor system. Gunshots are detected by these devices immediately, and occupants in the building are alerted as well as the right security personnel. Consequently, the situation can be contained with the proper steps. 

Making use of these sensors takes away any human error within life-threatening situations that may prevent staying organized during an extreme circumstance. 

The information provided by our shot detection system can help first-responders as they arrive on the scene. With this in mind, integrating a shot detection system into your security system measures can work to save lives before any catastrophic events occur. 

Protect your property with Herring Technologies premiere shot detection systems.

Real-Time Tracking 

When a gunshot is detected, the Guardian sensor within your shot detection system will be able to authenticate the current environment. When multiple gunshots are fired, the system picks up the acoustic bang and infrared flash immediately. Every shot is tracked and reported in real-time. 

The coordinates of the shooting are immediately sent by email, text message, or another form of communication to the parties responsible for monitoring the situation. Due to the system’s ability to record audio clips of the incident, these alerts can be used as forensic evidence. By integrating this additional security measure that detects shotgun blasts, you can protect people from gunshot injuries in your building. 

Cloud-Based System

When it comes to your security measures, Herring Technology’s shot detection systems integrate well with the rest of your security systems in place. All updates and support are delivered directly to you or through a cloud-based system, offering ease of use with integrations, and full protective services. With that in mind, it’s no wonder that so many companies are opting to incorporate shot detection systems into their overall security measures. 

Buildings of any size can integrate a gunshot detection system, since these systems are universally applicable. Shot detection systems work regardless of the square footage or number of floors. The technology has the ability to register and trigger an alert regardless of the area. By integrating with your current security system and CCTV camera system, SDS can provide optimum safety efforts without any additional on-site equipment. 

Herring Technology Shot Detection System 

SDS notes that the Guardian Indoor Active Shot Detection System is the only stand-alone, dual-authentication, smart sensor for indoor active shooter events. With Guardian sensors installed throughout school, corporate, government and commercial buildings, critical information is immediately relayed to building occupants as well as emergency personnel outside.

By removing the ‘human factor,’ nothing is left to interpretation, and life-threatening delays can be avoided. Contact one of our expert security providers today to discuss integrating shot detection systems into your business’s security plan.

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