Think your business is too small to worry about having elaborate security measures such as access controls, security cameras, and physical security? Think again. Many intruders favor small businesses for just that reason leaving them more vulnerable to break-ins and theft than their much larger counterparts.

Sadly, many small business owners do not establish the level of security that larger businesses maintain due to lack of resources or the assumption that they simply do not need such a high-level system. But keep in mind that loss and fraud are one of the most significant reasons that small businesses struggle. Consider these statistics:

  • According to Kessler International, 64% of small businesses have fallen victim to employee theft with 95% of employees having admitted to theft of some kind.
  • A survey at the University of Florida concluded that nationwide, small businesses lose between $25,000-$33,000 worth of product every minute to theft with up to 40% of losses being shoplifting cases.
  • The average shoplifter will take roughly $50 of goods, adding up to almost $18 billion in annual retail losses according to this annual survey.
  • Up to 5% of a business’s revenue is lost to fraud.

The best defense against theft is to work with an established company that specializes in business security needs. At Herring Technology, we not only want to protect your assets but also ensure that your security system fits within your budget.

Our specialized physical security assessment will help us establish the best security options for your business and allow us to walk you through the process of installation and maintenance. Additionally, our employees are trained in small business compliance as well as appropriate policies and procedures that are essential for your security system.

For many small business owners, their current security system and measures are not always at the level they should be. Preparing for the worst can allow business owners peace-of-mind when considering an to their commercial security system. To ensure your security needs are properly met, give Herring Technology a call to schedule your free Physical Security Assessment and get started on having the best security system for your business needs.



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