Better yet, do you have a detailed business security plan? If you’re like most small business owners or managers, there are many responsibilities and financial issues vying for your attention. However, a business without a security plan is like a driver without insurance – dangerous.

At Herring Technology, we understand the importance of securing your business against theft, vandalism and crime. Here are three ways to secure weak points in your business to protect yourself from preventable losses.

Update Your Alarm Monitoring System in Nashville, TN

Whether it’s in the middle of the night or during work hours, someone can break onto your premises and steal merchandise, money, equipment, or personal information. Without a business alarm system and surveillance cameras, you may never know the details of the break-in or capture the footage you need to mitigate the losses.

Remember, not all threats are external. The FBI calls employee theft “the fastest growing crime in America,” costing up to $40 billion in losses annually. A surveillance camera system set up throughout your facility including any inventory stock rooms or back storage spaces will ensure your bases are fully covered.

Check Your Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Business security isn’t just about preventing crime and theft. Fires or carbon monoxide poisoning are life-threatening disasters that could destroy your business. By regularly testing to make sure your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are working, you are protecting your small business in Nashville from a harmful or even fatal situation.

Think About Cyber Security

While it’s important to consider what an alarm monitoring and surveillance camera system can do for your business, it’s also critical to remember the digital side of things. Weak passwords and lack of updated computer security leaves your private information at risk. Hacking is a major issue that poses a threat to everyone from the government and big businesses all the way to individuals and small businesses.

Employ best password practices in your small business, which include changing passwords regularly and creating a privacy policy for employees to adhere to. Don’t be an easy target for hackers and cybercriminals. Brian Krebs, a retired worker from The Washington Post and a contributor to Security Fix blog, covers password best practices here.

Contact Herring Technology and learn what makes our business security systems unique.

At Herring Technology, we understand the unique challenges that small businesses in Nashville, TN face. Contact us today to learn how our alarm monitoring systems and surveillance cameras can benefit your business security.

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