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Summer is an exciting part of the year. School graduations, holiday parties, music festivals — the list of activities is incredibly long. This is especially true in a busy place like Nashville. We see so many events that bring people from all over the world that it can be difficult to keep track of all of them.

And with great events come large crowds. These situations can be a lot of fun for the attendees, and a giant headache for the organizers. Security issues are possible the top concern when planning out a large event. You want everyone to have a good time, but even more than that, you want them to be safe.

The question is — how can you be sure your event is secure? The possible dangers are extensive and often uncomfortable to even imagine. However, preparing for these situations is the only way you can react accordingly if something were to happen.

Let’s explore some of the ways you can help your event remain a safe and enjoyable experience for all who attend.

Assess Your Risks

The very first thing you should do is take an honest inventory of your event. Look at the event space. Is it inside or outside? Where might people be able to gain access without the staff knowing? Can people see from higher vantage points such as surrounding buildings? What are the security systems in place in those buildings?

These types of questions will tell you what you need to cover. All areas of weakness should have an actionable plan in place. And you want to be as paranoid as possible in this stage. Nobody ever wished they had less security at an event. So be honest with yourself and try to find every possibility that you would like to protect against.

Install Security Cameras

Security cameras can help any event in multiple ways. First, they act as a deterrent. People are much less likely to act in an unfavorable way if they know they are being recorded.

There are also non-malicious reasons to install a security camera at your next event. For example, children frequently walk away from their parents on accident. And when they’re in a large group of people, it can be quite difficult for the parents to figure out which way they went. The ability to find the child as they started walking away can give security professionals a much better idea of where to begin looking for the lost child.

An outdoor event can have security cameras, too. Herring Technology’s Pole Camera can either be installed on a pre-existing pole, or it can be set up on a tripod. These cameras can provide multiple benefits to maintain security at your event.

Learn more about how Herring Technology can help keep your summer event safe.

Secure the Perimeter

Indoor events don’t need much more than the accessible doors to be covered. Outdoor events, however, can be much more tricky. A location without a proper barrier will need one installed. This will — first of all — keep out anyone without a ticket. It will also lessen the amount of areas you will need heavy security.

Fencing is a great option for outdoor events. You want your barriers to be secure. This portrays a level of security that any attendee can see, and it gives them a feeling of security. This is important to ensuring your guests enjoy themselves during your event.

Rapid Deployment Units

Herring Technology offers two great options for mobile security.

Rapid Deployment Trailer

This trailer acts as your home base for security. It can be fitted with IP cameras that connect through a local area network. This allows them to send images to an outside server instead of housing an internal recording device.

They can also be fitted with shot detection capabilities, license plate recognition, facial recognition software, motion-activated lights, and audio devices.

Rapid Deployment Skid

The skid offers many of the same features available in the Rapid Deployment Trailer, but with a smaller footprint. This is great for areas that either don’t have a lot of space, or would like to place multiple units throughout the event space.

Hire Adequate Security

Your personnel are going to be your frontline against any potential issues. You want to be sure there are an adequate amount of people to cover the entirety of your event space. This includes everything easily visited by attendees as well as any backstage areas. A proper amount of people ensures a quick response if anything were to require the attention of security personnel.

Call Herring Technology

Herring Technology has been trusted to provide security options for high-profile events such as the NFL Draft in Nashville.


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